Hi everyone,

I am enjoying my journey on the road of fragrance discovery and especially sampling, which I have done a lot of over the past few months, but it has also thrown up some questions and confusion for me.

As we know, sometimes scents can be love at first sniff and sometimes it takes a while, and lots of resampling before you get it. And sometimes you fall out of love with something that just seemed so right a few weeks, months or years before.

All these things can result in lots of money spent, especially when buying an actual bottle of juice. And as I go along, there seems to be hundreds of actual bottles (not decants or samples) I desperately want to add to my collection, all at once and now, but can't necessarily afford it all.

So, my questions are: What determines full bottle status for you? Do you resample several times? Or is it just a lightbulb moment at first sniff and you have to have? And how do you get around that temptation of I want XYZ FBs now but don't have the $ for it all?

Apologies for the long post, but it is a burning question right now as there are 5 FBs that I want right now and having to sit on my hands *curses temptation*!

many thanks everyone!