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Thread: Amouage samples

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    Default Amouage samples

    My favorite fragrances to date include: GIT, Creed Neroli Sauvage, Terres d'Hermes, Guerlain Veviter, Tam Dao, Acqua Di Selva, Vetiver Extraordinaire, Boucheron and Jaipur.

    I finally took the plunge and ordered 8 samples of male Amouage fragrances including Gold, Lyric, Epic, Dia, Ciel, Silver, Jubilation and Arcus. (I also ordered 8 women's fragrances for my wife to try.) The samples came today and I did a test spray on the wrist of Gold and Dia.

    Hmmmm ..... seems these have to grow on you. I don't like or dislike either one outright. The potency is incredible, especially on the Gold. Having spent time in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia perfumery shops, the Gold has a definite Arabian tone to it.

    I notice that Amouage has never won any Basenotes annual fragrance award - I'm assuming because so few actually bother to buy or try due to the expense?

    Question: To any Amouage affictionados out there .... which one(s) stand out in your nose?
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    Jubilation XXV is a favorite BN and is probably the most widely owned Amouage fragrance by basenoters. Another favorite is Homage. I think the reason that Amouage is yet to win an award is that while there are some nice fragrances from the house there just hasn't been one that has really captured the imagination of the community.
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    Default Re: Amouage samples

    Reflection is my favorite. I'm quite taken with it lately.
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Lyric is the one that has really grown on me. Loving it!

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    Hommage is the only one I've tested but I like it A LOT.

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