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    Default Champaca Absolute?

    I tried pulling up threads on this as I thought I hasd seen some, but couldn't find them. Any opinions on this one. I did read the two reviews posted and one said it is definitely more feminine and less unisex. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Champaca Absolute?

    Rumor has it that it's really no where near true Champaca . . . . HOWEVER, this is a really, really good one - on a woman. AKA - much too femme for me.

    It is intoxicating and memorable though.

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    Default Re: Champaca Absolute?

    I tried it last Tues and the only thing I can remember about it is that it disappeared from the card petty quickly. I tried Noir De Noir, Black Violet and TV at the same time and I remember those at least vaguely (and I can still smell the TV on the card) but not the CA.

    Make of that what you will. Right now I'd be tempted to say it's unremarkable - especially if you consider the price - but I'm always conscious of being hasty and dismissive.

    Edit: Ah, see, one person's forgettable is another person's memorable. Best to try yourself, as always.
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    Default Re: Champaca Absolute?

    Two spritz on a card lasted about 1.5 weeks even left in the car.
    On skin . . . . it's even betta.

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    Default Re: Champaca Absolute?

    Here's my thread (and review) from last year:

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    Default Re: Champaca Absolute?

    Champaca Absolute is probably going to be my next purchase from TF Private Blends. I filled the atomizer with it last time and really enjoyed it. As a guy, I am not afraid of toe-ing the line on female aimed scents (I layer Black Orchid often.)

    One interesting thing to note - when I tested the Jasmine Music - the drydown turned into Champaca Absolute on me.

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    Default Re: Champaca Absolute?

    Hey everybody. Not sure if I cold ask this here, but I am wondering what your thought are for the best place to sell frags. I ended up winning this on ebay, again thinking I wouldn't. I haven't opened it, but from reading many comments on it, I don't think it's my thing. So, where would be the best place to sell it. Should I try and put it back on ebay? I got it for about $140.00 and figured I would try and sell it for around $100. Thanks!!

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