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    Question Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    Fragrance newbie here...

    Has anyone sampled both the EDT and the EDP? I can't find this fragrance in store anywhere and both concentrations are cheap enough on ebay that I'm willing to buy it blind. I've been scouring the net for reviews and read that the EDT is much sweeter, but the lasting power is not very good.

    I wonder if the EDT is comparable to HM Butterfly EDT in sweetness. I generally like sweet, but Butterfly is a little too much even for me. If the Magical Moon EDT is just as sweet then I would like to try the EDP. Recommendations, please?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    I have been looking closely at HM fragrances as of late -- that is because I am in a desperate need of some soft, almost foody vanilla and Butterfly is high on my list of priorities, I do not find it too sweet or too foody at all.

    Magical Moon in EdT is not sweet either, I tested it once and there was a scratchy note that together with an overall "Mehhh" somehow does not pursuade me into trying its EdP version. However, there are fans of Magical Moon here and I am sure they will come up with an answer.
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    Default Re: Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    I love Butterfly, but after half a bottle, it got too sweet for me and I sold it. But Magical Moon, I've gone through 2 bottles already. It is never too sweet for me because of the basenote of kyara, (not real kyara, but an excellent Japanese synthetic, made to smell like the smoke of kyara incense). It gives it an edge, and that tempers the fruit and flowers. It's meant to evoke a Buddhist altar, which is full of incense, fresh fruit, and flowers. It's just about my all-time favorite. The EdP is richer, and the Parfum, a bit richer than that. But any concentration is delightful.

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    Default Re: Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    Thank you Elf! That is exactly what I wanted to know.

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    I thought I might update this thread. I ordered the EDP, and was happily surprised to receive the parfum instead!

    To my nose, this stuff is potently smoky! Like the scent of wood smoke in the air on a clear, cold autumn night, amplified times ten. I LOVE it. The strength of the incense lasts at least three to four hours on me before mellowing out and then the creamy fruity and floral notes finally peek through. The drydown is so comforting to me.

    I plan on ordering a big bottle of the EDT for daytime wear since the parfum seems a bit intense for most situations. It was perfect for being out on Halloween night!

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    Default Re: Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    Lucky girl, that's a good piece of news. And thanks for the update.

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    Default Re: Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    I like this scent a lot! Does anyone know which version is more masculine, EDT, EDP or Parfum?
    For those about to stink, I salute you!

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    Default Re: Hanae Mori Magical Moon - EDT vs EDP?

    That sounds awesome!! I love Japanese incense.

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