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    Default Houses selling strictly perfumes

    For some reason , maybe one of my prejudices or perhaps some snobbery on my part, can someone tell me some of the perfume houses that only make and sell perfume/cologne? I tend to want to avoid houses that make handbags, eyewear, jewelry etc, even though some of their scents might be good. Thank you, Sam

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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    You can check the following thread:

    I think Caron is also solely a perfume house. Guerlain started as a perfume house and only later on also has cosmetics products.
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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    L'Artisan is a fragrance house; personal perfume and home scents..they have a couple scented accessories, like keychains.
    Santa Maria Novella, I think. They do also have some bath/body/skincare type things and home fragrance as well.
    These are the two house that come to mind as they don't do makeup lines.

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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    To some extent, it makes sense that you want to avoid houses that might simply view perfume as yet another commodity to "extend the brand." But, I think that a better measure might be the degree of prominence of the "nose" in residence. Sure, the Serge Lutens house is now perfume-exclusive. But, one of his finest creations was the original Feminite de Bois, which was created for the Sheseido cosmetic house. And, I don't think I could ever avoid my beloved Chanels and Guerlains! Even one-woman-shop Ava Luxe does jewelry AND perfume!

    There is something very delightful about "craft" perfumeries, though, and etsy is rife with fledgeling startups that are focused only on scent.

    In short, I agree with your commitment to finding houses that are truly invested in the art of fragrance....but I'm not sure that going "perfume only" is the best way to find these sources! What is? I don't know. I tend to look for the "nose" and hope that that signifies an actual artistic mission, and not a committee-style perfume creation that most mass-marketed "designer" houses practice.
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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    Who knows leather better than Trussardi? It just seems right that they could do a great job with strictly leather & suede fragrances. (And they do...) I'll take great fragrances anywhere that I can find them these days!

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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    Le Labo seems pretty restricted to frags.

    I believe it was started by two former Armani employees and frags are their whole thrust right now.

    They use inexpensive reusable bottles and mix the fragrance when you order. They have a small boutique here in Los Angeles and a handful of other cities.

    They are pricey, but Rose 31 is my current favorite with Vetiver 46 still in my test phase.

    They would have you believe that the money they save on relatively little advertising, and especially packaging, goes right into their ingredients.

    May be a bit gimmicky for many.

    I'm a fan. Rose 31 is worth the price to me.

    I hope they stick around. I've been to their boutique here a couple of times and got the impression it doesn't get a lot of traffic.
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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    Ormonde Jayne maybe? Do candles & stuff count?

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    Default Re: Houses selling strictly perfumes

    Adding to the above:

    Parfumerie Generale
    By Redo
    Parfums D'Empire
    Mona D'Orio

    And to a great extent: Annick Goutal (although I think there is skincare)

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