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Thread: Best sprayers?

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    Default Best sprayers?

    Which house uses the best sprayers on their bottles?

    I've sprayed many bottles of perfume and cologne made by many different houses and I've noticed some real differences in the quality of the sprayers. I've noticed that Chanel and Dior have fabulous sprayers that give wonderfully maximal output with each pump. While my wife's bottle of D&G Light Blue femme has the most inept, barely there sprayer. Anyone else notice this?
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    I like the way Creed spay, but not the way they last.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Lancome Sagamore's spritzer kicks ass. And sprays a mist too

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    of what i have, i really enjoy Monsieur Rochas Edc (Vintage 69'), Guerlain Habit Rouge EDC (Vintage 76'), Lancome Sagamore (Vintage), Chanel PM (55') i guess they took special care earlier on how a scent should spray....of the current lot, i dont get that feel..seems they arent interested in it.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Hermes Equipage/Rocabar/Bel-Ami sprayers are very good.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Frederic Malle -- one push of the spray nozzle sends a thick layer of perfume that coats the skin with wonderfully rich fragrance!

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Quote Originally Posted by cmax View Post
    i like the way creed spay, but not the way they last.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    My burberrys spray pretty nice
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    The newest generation of Dior sprayer - found in Dior Homme and now on Fahrenheit Absolute, the Poisonsm etc. is excellent. Very sensitive to pressure and a slow pump gives a stream (for decanting).

    The worst are either the ones found on the Guerlain refill bottles (my Jicky PdT dumps out nearly 1/2ml per spray and the sprayers on the old Chanel masculines like Egoiste, Antaeus, etc. The Creed ones are pretty bad as well.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    I like the sprayers on Chanel AHS and ADP Assoluta.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Quote Originally Posted by heynow View Post
    The newest generation of Dior sprayer - found in Dior Homme and now on Fahrenheit Absolute, the Poisonsm etc. is excellent. Very sensitive to pressure and a slow pump gives a stream (for decanting).
    You're dead on. Dior Homme is an excellent sprayer: control, volume, everything.

    Creed sprayers are great too...when they work. Unfortunately this is about every two or three sprays. Other than that, there's a lot of wheezing going on.

    Guerlain's are pretty straight forward.

    I also enjoy the sprayers (is their a better term?) that don't rotate: M7, Kouros, VC & A.
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    I Love encre noir's soft touch spray and L'eau D'Issey Intense's great atomizer and volume per spray.
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    My favorite sprays are ones that make decanting easy
    those, for me, are

    Knize Ten
    Creed (any bottle)
    Encre Noire
    some splash bottles
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    Post Re: Best sprayers?

    Diptyque sprayers are top notch.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Although Creed is notorious for having a sprayer like a fire hose, I don't doubt that one bit, but..

    OMG, so today my sotd, or morning was Eau Maximum, I am wearing just a t shirt, sprayed some at the neck area, kind of on the shirt too.. wow it felt like a shower. So I sprayed it in the air after, and holy crap, this sprayer is better than Creed's.. but I dunno if I want this much juice coming out at once. This stuff is intense. Regardless.. it was enough to make me have to look for this thread and post, crazy, probably like at least 1ml sprayed out of the thing with 1 squirt!
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    The YSL L'Homme series has perfect sprayers.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    I can see why Aqua di Gio is No. 1. The force of that sprayer can coat and knockdown the side of a house!!
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    I think the Creed sprayers are outstanding.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    My creeds, diors, hdps, are all fantastic

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Quote Originally Posted by BRM85282 View Post
    I think the Creed sprayers are outstanding.
    As do I. Dior's sprayers are quite good as well.

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Sevigne and Herve Gambs sprayers I have found to be excellent.
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Quote Originally Posted by SereneGreen View Post
    The YSL L'Homme series has perfect sprayers.
    I second this. I just got my first bottle of Creed and it sprays great as well! A little bit more of a firm trigger but boy does the perfume spread wonderfully!

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    I never paid attention to my sprayers' quality (they spray = awesome) but I recall Tauer's ones fell off like a dozen of times thanks to that weird wooden.rubbery supertight cap he uses, which sometimes just grabs the sprayers like a constrictor
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Creed (all)
    Chanel (all)
    Joop Pour Homme
    Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Another vote for Creed, and Dior. Excellent.

    And I know it wasn't asked but on the flip side, I really don't like the Amen+flankers or the Givenchy Play line...

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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    IMO the sprayers on the entire Dior Homme line are top notch.



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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Not that much important for me unless it does malfunction (creed). I think it's the only house I had trouble with sprayers, even much less expensive designer frags don't have issue, so it's weird.. and unacceptable in a way when you pay creed's price. Very unhappy with this, been a while since I bought from them, so I hope they fixed the problem somehow.. They're nice when it works as someone said, but the "when it works" factor shoudn't be lol

    On the other hand, when I think of it, I like Mona di Orio's with the cap as well, Chanel exclusive's comes to mind, Dior collection privé (similar I think), Frédéric Malle's are pretty effective..and I'm sure many more.

    Off topic
    Some that I don't like, more related to the cap on top, are :

    Guerlain l'art et la matière, I don't care at all about the fancyness of that bulb sprayer, but I'd love a normal cap that just close the bottle firmly, not something just standing on top of it.. don't know what's the real marketing strategy here but it's definitely not efficient as it is, since you cannot safely transport.. Again, at guerlain's price, come on... Take the gold off, put it in one montale bottle, add a cap, make it work!! (I'm kidding I actually like the bottle design as it, except cap)

    Other one mentioned above is Andy Tauer's, I got one bottle, lost the cap long ago, don't even remember what it looks like.. what remains is two rubber thingy and it's just pretty ugly sitting there lol
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Roja Dove are probably the best I have encountered. In addition, Diptyque, Chanel, and Creed have always been consistently reliable.
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Second the Roja Doves. The spray is incredible. One shot is all you need. The worst I have is from Puredistance. If you don't spray fast enough, you get a stream of parfum instead of a spray.
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    Default Re: Best sprayers?

    Dior Homme series sprayers are fantastic.

    Also ADG essenza.
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