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Thread: Help on Amouage

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    Default Help on Amouage

    Im considering to try some Amouage offerings. Considering, that I wear mostly Fougères and don't like heavy and sweet orientals, which one would you recommend I should try? Does something like a not too much oriental Amouage exist? I would like to have a heavy dose of this famous silver frankincense and would rather not have a cloying amber laden drydown. And vanilla is a no go. So which one?

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    Amouage Silver sounds like just what your Dr. would prescribe. Turin states that it has a chypre-like drydown, but to me it's plain and simple, Silver is a sublime fougere. There's nothing oriental about this Amouage beauty. Give it a try.
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    It sounds like Ciel Man would a safe place to start given your preferences. The reviews here might be worth a look to see if you agree - they inspired me to give it a shot.

    PS I haven't had a chance to try Silver - sounds like that might be a good bet based on Ruggles comments.
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    Silver and Ciel have huge doses of frankincense - Ciel is a bit greener and definitely wetter in feel compared to Silver which is dry and fruity. Both are absolutely amazing! Dia is another option - it's got a hint of sweetness throughout but is far from what I'd call sweet. It's got a subtle smoky leather note in it, too.

    Jubilation 25 (for women) is another option. It's a lemony chypre built on a base of frankincense, tarragon, and a fruit note provided by davana. An excellent chypre, wearable by men if your skin doesn't amplify the fruit note.
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    Ciel for Him and Epic Man are both fougères, though Ciel is perhaps farther than Epic from oriental territory.

    Hope that's a help.

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    Default Re: Help on Amouage

    For high-dosage frankincense - Ciel and Dia Men

    For a non-sweet drydown - Epic Man
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