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    Exclamation ST Dupont Intense

    S.T. Dupont Intense Pour Femme and S.T. Dupont Intense Pour Homme

    S.T.Dupont Intense Pour Femme and S.T.Dupont Intense Pour Homme make a new luxurious duo by the house of S.T.Dupont which continues tradition and shows the art which has been inherent to this house for years. Aromas of the new fragrance nurture the style of previous compositions created in ultimately elegant way.

    Masculine edition of Intense duo, S.T.Dupont Intense Pour Homme, is constructed as a woody-oriental fragrance created in cooperation with perfumer Christophe Raynaud. The fragrance is balancing between passionate, temperamental rhythm and absolute elegance. Top notes will cheer you up with lemon, bergamot and lavender, which leave aromatic and luminous effect in the very beginning. Connection with a heart of the fragrance is created by spicy touch of saffron combined with orange blossom. Base notes introduce a passionate, masculine layer of tonka, styrax, cedar, musk and amber, along with clear leather accords. Its flacon is also coloured in dark blue and crowned with a silver stopper.

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    Default Re: ST Dupont Intense

    Hmmm .... Dupont Noir was barely detectable , so this could be a step in the right direction !
    ... it will be interesting to read feedback on this one , im hoping its at least cologne in strength .

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    After sampling Noir and Signature a few times, I'd fear that any ST Dupont frag has a "cheap," synthetic quality. I definitely wouldn't blind buy any of them, no matter what the notes were or the reviewers said.

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    was really impressed by this stuff. sweet, powdery and "expensive" scent, remind me of cookies with oriental notes. mmm
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    anybody else tried this amazing scent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntonPan View Post
    anybody else tried this amazing scent?
    Unfortunatly not. I hope you submit a review

    I like Dupont's quality in their fragrances. I want to try this one bad/
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    I generally like the Dupont range and it's about time they bought out something new (2008's Passenger Pour Homme seems to be largely MIA here in the UK), but I fear the description makes it sound like it will be too sweet for me. Ho hum - back to Noir.

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    Any more reviews?

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