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    Question The End of Claiborne Fragrances As We Know It?

    Liz Claiborne's namesake fashion lines are moving from Macy's, Dillard's, Bon-Ton, and other such retailers to exclusive partnerships with JCPenney and QVC starting next year. Other Claiborne-owned brands such as Mexx, Kate Spade, DKNY Jeans, and Juicy Couture are not affected, and will remain in their respective distribution channels. (More from MarketWatch here.)

    This also brings up an brief but interesting article from Reuters about the growing rivalry between JCPenney and Macy's. Macy's bought out the May Department Stores Company and got far deeper into the Midwest (core JCPenney country), while Penney's has been building stores like crazy in traditional Macy's markets like the Northeast and California, even opening a store across from the Macy's Herald Square flagship in New York. Likewise, JCPenney has been adding more upscale clothing brands, and has also been rolling out Sephora ministores, which directly compete with the cosmetics and fragrances departments in Macy's stores. Notably, Macy's was fine with the decision to put Liz Claiborne at JCPenney and QVC, as they were unhappy with the Liz Claiborne brand's performance.

    But what does this have to do with Claiborne-branded fragrances such as Curve, you may ask?
    First off, Claiborne sold their fragrance business to Elizabeth Arden several years ago after the dramatic failure of Liz (purple juice), a fragrance that was going to reposition the Liz Claiborne brand in fragrance. A vendor rep for a competitor who shall remain nameless that saw the Liz launch self-destruct said that it was "probably the biggest failure I had ever seen... they were shooting for the Top 10 and missed the whole list". Not only that, but several Curve flankers failed that same year, too. (The division had a breakout hit with Juicy Couture that year, so not all was lost.) Since then, we haven't seen a new Curve flanker in eons, and Curve and Realities have mostly been relegated to the shelves of stores such as Walmart, CVS, and Target. (The local Macy's still has it on the back shelves, but probably not for much longer after this announcement.)

    With JCPenney deploying Sephora ministores in almost all their stores, stocked with Sephora merchandise, over the next few years, the chances of Elizabeth Arden creating a new Liz Claiborne fragrance exclusively for JCPenney are slim to none. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Arden discontinues a lot of the poor-selling Liz Claiborne scents and Curve/Realities flankers, too, and relegates Curve to a pure-play discount store/drugstore brand.

    Your thoughts?
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: The End of Claiborne Fragrances As We Know It?

    I thought Curve and Realities were already discount store/drugstore brands. Those are the only places I've seen them, at least.

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    Default Re: The End of Claiborne Fragrances As We Know It?

    I loved the Claiborne scent in the original yellow triangular bottle. I guess this is an end of an era...
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    Default Re: The End of Claiborne Fragrances As We Know It?

    I Owned a bottle of Claiborne Sport and found that to be one of the few freshies that I actually "Enjoy" and not just delegate and use just because it's very very hot outside.
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