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    Talking Chanel 5 Parfum: Fake?

    So I either got a great deal on 1/2 oz. of No. 5 Parfum (previously owned and lightly used) or I bought a fake. We'll see when it arrives, but did Chanel ever have labels without "Paris" under the brand. Bottle pic looks real and says "No. 5" then "Chanel" and finally "parfum"... but no "Paris." Not worried if I got scammed, I really didn't pay much, but pysched to find out if it might be real.


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    Default Re: Chanel 5 Parfum: Fake?

    I have purchased 2 bottles of vintage No5 extrait on ebay and neither one says "Paris" on it. Both were sealed, and the one I have opened smells marvelous. The one I haven't opened I am planning on selling.

    "Modern/New" No5 is one of the most couterfeited scents on ebay. (I usually see the 3.4 oz EdP as the suspect formulation, though) However, vintage bottles of the extrait tend to go for very reasonable prices. I think it's because No5 was a popular "luxury" gift in the 1950s and 1960s, and many women "kept it for special occasions" and never ended up using it. Now, those women are passing on or at least downsizing their homes, and estate sales are delivering the bounty....
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    Default Re: Chanel 5 Parfum: Fake?

    Thanks... hopefully it's real and hasn't turned. I'll post when it comes.

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    Default Re: Chanel 5 Parfum: Fake?

    I can only tell with my nose.

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    It came. Pretty sure it is real. Very soft aldehydes and a buttery richness that I really like. The Jasmine and sandalwood really stand out on my skin and it smells like a "clean" oriental rather than a floral per se. Definitely my favorite concentration, but I might have to splurge for the edt to extend its longevity. So glad to own and wear le monstre : )

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