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Thread: New SJP..."NYC"

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    Default New SJP..."NYC"

    Ok, I'm a bit of an SJP fan...I liked SITC, I really liked Lovely...but seriously...what happened? Does she need more Chandler Burr in her life? Covet was awful (sorry, I know it has its fans)...and the last trio was even worse. And now this (quoted from nowsmellthi):

    "The reason it surprises me is because I have this idea in my head that strawberry is very youthful and juvenile, but this fragrance doesn’t smell candy sweet. It amazes me that this essence of strawberry mixes so beautifully with the more sophisticated floral notes and the musks that I love and will always have as part of my fragrances. In a million years I would never think, ‘Let’s work around strawberry."

    Really? Doesn't sound all that convincing to are the perfumer's credentials (also from NST). Not to cast judgement...but he or she may not have been my first choice...just sayin'.

    Honorine BLANC
    Banana Republic Alabaster (2006)
    Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods (2009, with Harry Fremont & Jane Konnyu)
    Cacharel Amor Amor Tentation (2008)
    Cacharel Scarlett (2009, with Alberto Morillas & Olivier Cresp)
    Coach for Men (2009)
    Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Music (2008)
    Juicy Couture Couture Couture (2009)
    Marc Jacobs Splash Pear (2008)
    Paris Hilton Siren (2009)
    Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer (2007, with Harry Fremont)
    Usher She (2007, with Richard Herpin)
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    Strawberry seems to be the note du jour in Sephoraland. I wonder what she'll do with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minou2 View Post
    Strawberry seems to be the note du jour in Sephoraland. I wonder what she'll do with it.
    I admit to liking the strawberry note in Miss Dior Cherie...but I just can't imagine it being outside the realm of B&BW-types.

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