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    Default Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    My review of Parfums Delrae Mythique can be found here:

    I really like the warmth that the use of Orris Butter imparts to iris which has been cold on me in the past.
    I think this is a really good iris from Yann Vasnier
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    Although I'm a really big fan of iris fragrances, I couldn't get past that HUGE dough note! I even gave it five chances! Shame though...

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    I'm wondering what other people have to say about Mythique. I didn't enjoy it, but have heard many who have. So what's your take on it folks? And I really enjoy the time and effort that goes into your reviews Mark!

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    Got a carded sample recently from TPC. Here's my take:

    Although Mythique centers around orris butter I find it presents itself more as a fresh floral bouquet which happens to include some iris. Pleasant and rather feminine, the iris subtler and warmer but lacks the distinction of other iris-dominant scents like Dior Homme and Bois d'Iris.

    Found out more about the history of this scent from Mark's excellent (as usual) review. The brief given to Yann Vasnier is tricky at best ( for e.g. how does iris relate to Diane Chasseresse's character?). So I figured perhaps Vasnier decided to play it safe by producing a fragrance which is nice, just not particularly memorable, at least not to me.
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    I'm glad to have this one explained. This does not work on me at all. It seemed like a green melon I was getting, not ivy & bergamot. It must be a very different experience on male skin. I also am impressed with the work you put into your reviews. Thanks for all of this information. I really like most of the other juice from this house. Bois de Paradis is the only one I can't seem to enjoy.
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    I really like this one. It's a beautiful and delicate blend of iris and floral notes with soft suede. The opening reminds me a bit of another iris-floral fragrance, Santa Maria Novella Citta di Kyoto, but with leather instead of peppery incense. The iris here is definitely more doughy than rooty or powdery, which distinguishes it from some other iris scents. It's soft but long-lasting, and I just love the subtlety of it and the refinement of the leather.
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    I really adore this one; not unlike SMM, it sings on me, very happily.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique- my review

    SMM, I loved your review, but like kumquat, I found the scent did not work on my skin at all. More for the rest of you!

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