Ok, I am ordering a bottle of Havana and if that does not work, then Cuba.

So, here is what I have
L'Air du Desert
Red Vetyver

Selling or trading my CDG 2 Man. Like the white smoke, but it is too linear and it goes skin scent on me in 2 hours.

So I am thinking of something more wintery, since MI and Red Vetyver are my summer and the GIT and LDDM go all year round for me.

I think I tend to the tobacco/spicey/incensey scents, since I like Piper Nigrum and stuff.

Here are some I was thinking of

Frapin Caravelle Epicee. Tried a sample and it was nice
Read up on Parfum d'Empire Wazamba. Pretty promising
Frank #2

I have tried the Les Neredies Imperial Oppoponax and that was too vanilla. I used to wear Obsession. I think my preferences would be classifed as Oriental for the most part?

So, longevity and much projection, is it one of these three or something like it? By the way, the price points of these three are good, but some of those at luckyscent are too much for me. $130 for 100 is about as high as I want to go this time around