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    Thumbs up Habit Rouge EDP.

    I have been a big fan of Habit Rouge for a long time and always keep one full bottle on hand. Recently I read a thread by Snafoo regarding his purchase of Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier EDP. I could not resist writing to him to ask about any differences which he responded to by offering me a sample, for which, I am very grateful (thank you Snafoo) because it totally changed my concept of Habit Rouge to a more a more formal, amped up cinnamon, smooth and intense Habit Rouge. Mr. Guerlain says that agarwood was added to this formulation and IMO, although this is still your Habit Rouge, it is an enhanced (for the better) Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier EDP. Five big Tesla stars for this version of Habit Rouge. Amazing to be sure, I have to get a bottle.
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDP.

    I agree N_Tesla. It is a truly wonderful fragrance. I highly recommend it also!
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDP.

    I also like this golden, deeply satisfying version, but besides agarwood, it has also a much enhanced patchouli base, and sometimes I can really have too much of patchouli. I like patchouli and its sour-sweet, woody-rooty butchiness but in Habit Rouge is has diminished the powdery aspect, intendedly of course to make it smell more formal, sharp and modern, and sometimes I can be a bit tired of it. The dusty powder of classic Habit Rouge, on the other hand, is always a pleasure to revisit...

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDP.

    The EdP is my favorite version of HR and I highly recommend it. However unless you're wedded to the fancy bottle you can find HR EdP for about 40% less in it's 'standard' faux-leather wrapped bottles (which itseld is pretty neat looking).

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