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    Question How do Caron Urn fragrances work?

    I smelled Poivre at Bergdorf Goodman while on vacation and really liked it. But I can't find anything on the web about how the prices/sizes work on the Caron Urn fragrances.

    I've seen that it sells for $1000 and ounce, and is available in a $4000 Bacarat crystal flacon, but that's waaaaaay too much for me.

    What size bottles do the extraits come in? Is there something in a 3 to 5 ml range that's under $100?

    If it's going to be more in the $150 - $200 range, what size bottle is that for?

    Or am I way too low in estimating the costs?

    Are there cheaper non-extrait formulations like the Guerlains?

    And who else carries them?

    And why doesn't anyone seem to sell them online?

    (I did a search and found nothing here... Thanks!)
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    Default Re: How do Caron Urn fragrances work?

    The last time I bought an urn fragrance it was about $100 for the the smallest bottle (7.5 ml) and $537 (including shipping) for 200 ml.

    I prefer the extrait in that scent but the majority of reviewers that I've read like the EDP version, Coup de Fouet, just as well.
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    Default Re: How do Caron Urn fragrances work?

    from Bergdorfs or the Caron boutique a 7.5ml is $100. However TPC has decants of almost all the urn parfums for $7/ml, probably because they bought large flacons (you can buy up to 1000ml bottles which gets the price down to under $2/ml). The prices you mentioned are for the crystal bottles... 30ml is probably more like $350 or so from Caron in normal bottles. You can order the urns in EdP concentration from Caron directly. Some EdPs used to be more widely available and you can occasionally find old bottles around, but to remain exclusive Caron has limited distribution. There's a boutique in NYC you can call.

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