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    Default Frag similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss?

    Any suggestions ?

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    Default Re: Frag similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss?

    Quote Originally Posted by Freddddy View Post
    Any suggestions ?
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    Default Re: Frag similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss?

    What are the reasons for wanting something similar to Hugo?

    Usually people want something similar because the fragrance in question is usually hard to find or very expensive. Hugo is neither of these so Im just curious, then maybe we could find something that you could try.

    However if you like Hugo then my money would be on you sticking with Hugo.
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    Default Re: Frag similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss?

    I can't answer for the original poster obviously, however my guess is they want something like the top notes of Hugo.

    That would be my question about it. I love the top notes of Hugo, but once the are gone, what's left is just blah.

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    Default Re: Frag similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss?

    Some of the other Hugo Boss scents are similar to Hugo... Element is similar... but I guess this isn't helping much lol
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