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    Smile Zirh Ikon.....???Anyone....

    Hey guys...I am looking for Zirh Ikon not available here in Athens..If anyone is selling a bottle or swapping please contact me..Preferably in EU ...Many thanks! C

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    check fragrancex. it's cheap + free shipping (although it might take some time for it to arrive)

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    Default Re: Zirh Ikon.....???Anyone....

    Hi.are they based in Europe??

    And how long.. did you nean.?????


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    Default Re: Zirh Ikon.....???Anyone....

    No, they are in the USA (New York).

    In the case of my home country (Argentina) if Customs is not involved in the shippmen - this being, goods sent costing less than USD 25 - it takes three weeks for the order to arrive. If Customs is involved, shipments take a month and a half.

    Don't pay for shipment, it does not shorten shipment's timings.

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    hmm, I live in The Netherlands and it takes about 12 days (actually it ALWAYS arrives on the 12th day...)

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    Default Re: Zirh Ikon.....???Anyone....

    Thankyou..I still would prefer to avoid shipping from abroad...

    How much is the shipping?

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    Default Re: Zirh Ikon.....???Anyone....

    Last I checked a 75 ml bottle of Zirh Ikon was selling for $9.99 USD on
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    shipping is free, so 24 euros for 124 ml.

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    Smile Re: Zirh Ikon.....???Anyone....

    Many thanks to you all...

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