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    Default Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    Do you guys think a guy can pull this one off? I just got a steal on Ebay and need to know if I will end up giving it away to a female.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    VdF is a slightly floral version of Tom Ford's Black Orchid.

    If you are not into wearing florals, you may find this a tad feminine.
    Though I love both VdF and Black Orchid and wear them both without any hiccups.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    I think a guy can pull it off (I may be the wrong one to ask though). Gardenia-esque.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    I like it and wear it.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    A confident man can pulll it off. I bought a 1.7 oz for $20 at TJ Maxx! I find it better for night time in cool or cold weather.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    A guy can wear it, but it's not very special to my nose. It starts out a decent white floral but quickly fades to a weak, sweet sibling of the original Black Orchid.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    They share a few notes, but they're entirely different fragrances. VdF is much lighter, a peppery white floral, while the original BO is much heavier and, in my opinion, much more masculine. Personally, I wouldn't wear either, but BO is much easier for a guy to pull off than VdF. But that's me. Try it. If you like it, wear it. Don't let my opinion stop you
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Voile de Fleur

    I also bought this at TJ Maxx. It's not something I'd wear a lot, but I do love its sweet white floral bouquet. Very comfortable to wear at home. Floral scents certainly don't scare me away or keep me from wearing it. I'd love to get a matching bottle of Black Orchid.
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