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    Default SL Chene oak or oakmoss

    Hi ,

    Serge Lutens Chene is almost Oakmoss or Oak woody scent ?

    and about Oakmoss not necessary Chypre ,
    what is your favorites oakmoss ?
    My Top Favorites:Jean Patou Homme & Privé. Kilian-A Taste of Heaven.Caron-3rd Man.Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur. YSL River Gauche.Satori Parfum - Satori . Satori-Mother Road 66. Diptique-Eau de Lavande.Houbigant Fougere Royale. Creed Bois du Portugal.Nicolai New York. Chanel Pour Monsieur.Aramis Havana.Aramis Tuscany.Azzaro Pour Homme. Hermes Poivre Samarcande.Amouage Homage Attar. Amouage Memoir Man.Guerlain Shalimar.LArtisan Dzing! Musc Ravageur.
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    Default Re: SL Chene oak or oakmoss

    Oak wood.
    Currently wearing: Augusto by Mazzolari

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    Default Re: SL Chene oak or oakmoss

    Oak whisky barrels, booze, and spices, not oakmoss, and certainly not a chypre.

    For a mossy chypre I'd turn to Givenchy III, Mitsouko, or Balmain de Balmain.

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    Default Re: SL Chene oak or oakmoss

    I get my oakmoss fix from Mitsouko, Odalisque and vintage Acqua di Parm Profumo.

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    Default Re: SL Chene oak or oakmoss

    The votes are unanimous, it is oak wood. Chene is a wonderfully woody scent.
    I am partial to old-school fougeres for my oakmoss fix: Penhaligons English Fern, Geo. F. Trumpers Wild Fern. These recall the amazing Houbigant Fougere Royale, which reputedly will be re-launched (re-formulated, no doubt) sometime soon. I have some vintage Houbigant, it is the mossy crown jewel of my collection.

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