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    Default CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    Which CHANEL N5 PARFUM presentation/method of application & size does everyone love/prefer, and why?

    A. PARFUM CLASSIC BOTTLE :: 0.25 / 0.50 / 1 oz

    The now and forever fragrance. The ultimate in femininity. The most powerful, concentrated and long-lasting form of fragrance; the fullest expression of the perfumer's art. The classic bottle signifies personal luxury and is an attractive addition to any dressing table.


    The now and forever fragrance in a purse presentation. This sleek black lacquer refillable spray is a modern version of the original N5 purse spray, and goes everywhere in a flacon every bit as elegant and sophisticated as the fragrance itself -- and as the woman who wears it.
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    Unwrapping and opening a new bottle of parfum feels much more luxurious than popping in a refill, but since I always decant splash bottles into atomizers, the spray wins hands down for me. It's practical and convenient...

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    I just bought the classic bottle, and although it's beautiful, and a tott says, a pleasure to unwrap, I find it hard to smell on the skin without literally pouring it on. I think I would like the splash bottle for it's loveliness, and the spray for actually use.

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    Definitely the classic parfum bottle. It's so wonderful to dab some precious parfum on from the beautiful bottle. I used to love buying the little classic bottles of pure parfum when it was my signature perfume - it was such a treat. I kept every one of them after finishing the contents.
    I brought my bottle of Chanel No.5 EDP with me on my travels ( along with many others...... ) and I spritzed a little on the other day - just to smell it . Chanel No.5 never fails to make me swoon.
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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    I want the first, classic bottle -- in a spray!

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    no cheating, Twitchy! LOL

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    I prefer A for the parfum, I have B in the vintage edt form.

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    The classic bottle. But I should add that I find this very strong, and never want more than a couple of drops anyway. And the classic bottle is gorgeous, and I don't like the purse spray. So there's no conflict.

    If I _did_ wear enough to want to spray, I wouldn't know what to do.

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    I have Chanel Gardenia in the parfum form and only wear a couple of dabs, it's quite potent. I wouldn't want it in spray form because it might waste some of the precious juice.

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    Does anyone else find No. 5 parfum to be REALLY soft? Or is it just me?

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    Well... The aldehydes and jasmin are pretty potent, but it more or less turns into a skin scent after an hour or so.

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    I have (and love) a gorgeous little bottle of the parfum. Typically, I like to dab parfums. But if I were to repurchase, I would choose the sprayer because:
    1. I like the opaque bottle for protection from light, can have it right on the dressing table
    2. I like that it is less likely to spill
    3. I think I prefer a spray form since the scent is so soft, a little more coverage.
    4. No floaties. (I know, I should be using a cotton swab or something, but that takes the fun out of touching the glass stopper to the pulse points.

    and finally,
    5. My little stopper-covered bottle had major evaporation. Too sad, especially since I like to savor my parfums and they take a while to use up anyway.
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    I have started a new practice to discourage evaporation. I decant some extrait into a separate vial, and then seal the stoppered bottle with a laboratory film seal called Parafilm. With this method, I can put the decanted fragrance into any applicator bottle I want, including a mister.

    Having said that, the purse spray by Chanel is rather nice.

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    Default Re: CHANEL N5 PARFUM Fans

    I love the traditional bottle, but I went through two of those very fast a couple of years ago.
    I think next time I will purchase the spray version, to have the "difussion" advantage.

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