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    Default Which NEW CdG's are good?? Dover St./ARTEK/Daphne Guiness/Silver Words??

    Has anyone tried the new CdG's? They have eased out a whole group of new fragrances in the last year. Has anyone tried these?

    Like many here I was lured into fragrance collecto-mania by Comme Des Garcons' early weird and wonderful transparent and sublime otherworldy wooded creations. Already tried are: Odeur 53/71, Soda, Skai, Tar, Avignon, Kyoto, Oarzazate, Sequoya, Cinnamon, Palisander, 2 Man, #3 etc, etc. I've lived with all of these at one time or another and they are interesting experiences. I recomend most of them.

    But in the last year CDG released a whole truckload of interesting NEW fragrances beginning with Scent One Hinoki - which I like a lot. But also Stephen Jones, Dover Street, ARTEK- Standard, Daphne Guiness. Even a new one called . . . Silver Words is a reworking of the old #2 (without the aldehydes?). Any Good?

    Which of these are worth checking out?

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    Default Re: Which NEW CdG's are good?? Dover St./ARTEK/Daphne Guiness/Silver Words??

    I'm pretty sure Silver Words is the same ole' #2, in a ltd. edition bottle (as they do annually).
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    Default Re: Which NEW CdG's are good?? Dover St./ARTEK/Daphne Guiness/Silver Words??

    I really like Hinoki and love Stephen Jones. Stephen Jones is VERY aldehydic though, more so than even famous aldehyde heavies like No. 5. Probably the closest in the designer area is White Linen, though Stephen Jones dries down to violet rather than soap. Even better analogy is Lutens' La Myrrhe, if you switched the myrrh for sharp, powdery violets.

    I'm eager to try Daphne.

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    Default Dover Street

    I'm currently sampling Dover Street for a second time. First time was disappointing.

    No sillage...used half the sample trying to get a fix on what it was...just got a slight woody scent but with the amount I ended up applying, very disappointed.

    This time, anticipating silliage weakness, I put quite a bit on but I'm smelling "harder" to get what I can of the scent.
    What I'm getting is a pleasant smokey woody scent (ever so slightly sweet...smokey can be bitter). Nothing extraordinary but pleasant enough.

    Caveat...I like strong scents with lots of sillage (Montale & Tauer come to mind) so if you're into more subtley, give Dover Street a go if you like smokey and woody.

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