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    Default The Angel that Killed Me

    I smelt Angel perfume once at a beauty counter, and though I thought it was not for everyone, I definitely found it pleasant and wearable.

    Well, for the last 3 weeks, I've had all I can stand of it. There is a women I ride with on the evening shuttle to the parking lot who always wears a gallon of Angel! Its simply way too much! The first time I noticed her, I was sitting in the back of the shuttle (imagine a bus slightly larger than a 15 passenger van) and she boarded the shuttle near the front. Tens of seconds later I noticed the smell of Angel creeping into my noise. I knew it must have been her because she was the only one to board the bus at the previous stop and I hadn't noticed the scent before she boarded. She was nearly 2 yrds in front of me and her scent just sat in my lap nagging at me. I snickered to myself when the scent dissappeared shortly after she had exited the bus.

    Well, that was a very hot day (upper 80s) and I assumed her intense sillage was only due to the AC propelling cool air back from the front of the bus. But I've even sat just behind her before while the AC was off and her sillage is still insane! To all the women out there (I know this is the MFD), please go easy on the Angel trigger...

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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me


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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me

    Sounds more like the the Destroying Angel.
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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me

    Lol..She definitely smelled noxious ! Thankfully it was a short ride to the parking lot.

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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me

    To be honest, Angel to me smell really old and has that weird armpit vibe to it. IMO it's not much of a gourmand though.

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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me


    I love the smell of Angel on a woman, but it's best in a small whispering "hey over here big boy" kinda way.

    I could totally see wanting to leap off the moving bus if overdone.

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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me

    I really like ANGEL but don't know of anyone who wears it and never randomly run across anyone wearing it. Our climate must be too hot for someone to drench themselves in it to begin with. Dunno.
    Being suffocated by anyone's fragrance isn't fun. I feel your pain.

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    Default Re: The Angel that Killed Me

    I got my bottle of the original Angel yesterday. For the night I smelled like this dark haired girlfriend I never had (only blondes so far). I can imagine how too much of it is...well...too much.

    For today (I won't be in contact with people) I'll actually layer it with A*Men and see if the epiphany others have been talking about will happen. If yes - then it's all good.


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