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    Default Winter Scent gift for the WIfe

    So I'm looking to buy a woodsy/smokey sweet/fruity scent for the wife to wear for the rest of fall and winter. She currently owns only one perfume which was also a gift from me ( eh cool water ) and I'm looking to peak her interest more in perfume. Now that its freezing cold she doesnt want to wear the CW and I certainly don't blame her.

    At the moment I'm about 24h from ordering her a 1.7oz bottle of "Feminite Du Bois" but I figured I'd ask to see if anyone felt there are some better options? I've also been considering maybe the Dolce Vita as I've read thats a similar scent and they are actually still producing this one..... would hate to ger her hooked on a discontinued scent

    Any other suggestions much appreciated or if you'd like feel free to confirm for me that the Feminite Du Bois would make a good blind buy for her

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    Default Re: Winter Scent gift for the WIfe

    Blind buys are always risky, but I love FdB, and I'm not always crazy for woody scents. This one is special, though. I hope you get some good suggestions from fans of woody scents. Check out Haunani's thread, too. There are loads of recommendations there for you to read up on. Good luck! Aren't you a nice husband to buy perfume for your wife!
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    Default Re: Winter Scent gift for the WIfe

    Feminite du Bois is pretty awesome, but it is very much still in production, it's just changed houses from Shiseido to Serge Lutens.

    Chanel Bois des Iles is a great sweet woody feminine perfume. If I was in your position, this would be my pick.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Winter Scent gift for the WIfe

    Wow lilybelle that thread is stacked, thanks for the link! Though I wonder if I'll be even more torn after researching each scent a lil more

    Nwatt where can I purchase the Bois des Iles? Mostly looking to purchase online however my budget demands I keep this buy under 100 and the only place I see this is chanels website for 200 large - YIKES!

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