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    Smile A "masculine" scent for women: New Juliette Has A Gun launch, Calamity J

    The new scent by Juliette Has A Gun launched at Colette on October 28: Calamity J, named after the Wild West icon who could shoot, smoke and drink with the boys, and often outdid them in doing so.

    I can't say too much about her life (I am sure some short reserach will pull up something), but she was a marvelous shot! The bullet perfume roll-ons will do well with this theme. Like George Sand, Jane donned trousers as a symbol of taking on male privilege in a time when "true ladies" were not supposed to see beyond their embroidery hoops.

    The scent is called a "masculine scent for women." It is a departure from the rose-themed earlier Juliette scents. It is composed of patchouli, iris, amber and musk. Romano Ricci of JHAG states the scent "rests upon a patchouli-musk accord evocative of "the perfume of a dandy, masculine yet sophisticated." (The MPG scent George Sand is another tomboy's patchouli-loaded scent.) I wonder if this can also be called a "feminine scent for men," as unisex scents are not slanted with notes one way or the other.

    At the suggestions of "marksmanship" and "dandy," I was bound to take notice, of course! BTW, I have very "decided" opinions on what dandies actually wore...

    The scent has already launched in France and will launch in the U.S. in November with the bullet perfume to launch in 2010.
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    Default Re: A "masculine" scent for women: New Juliette Has A Gun launch, Calamity J

    Oh Primrose, the notes sound lovely ! I will be looking out for this one to try when it launches in the US .......
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    Default Re: A "masculine" scent for women: New Juliette Has A Gun launch, Calamity J

    This sounds really nice ! ... It definitely sounds unisex. ... Probably even a little more unisex then their previous ones. (Though those were fine too )

    And I believe this one is the one with the least prominent rose so far too. Being much more about the amber leather and woods, with the rose just more an embelishment ... Yay ! (Sounds just like my sort of thing ! )

    "Inspired by the legend of Calamity Jane, the first female 'Cowboy' in history, the perfume captivates with its slightly woody fragrance, complemented by sensual amber accents and precious iris".

    Must order a sample from ALZD a.s.a.p ! ...Will report back again as soon as I do ... (Ladies "woody" perfumes have certainly been "in" lately).
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    Default Re: A "masculine" scent for women: New Juliette Has A Gun launch, Calamity J

    Hi there!
    Well..I've already smelled it..ok,just once...and..disappointed! It's a bit "meh" starts with a blast of patchouly and then it suddenly calms down..and finally, in the dry-down reminds me a bit of Citizen Queen, but weaker.I repeat..just tried it once..but with the others my reactions were immediate..
    I still prefer Citizen Queen and Midnight Oud over all the others..including this one.
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