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    Default Smell Bent at rollons + 5 holiday scents

    Smell Bent is an L.A.-based niche perfume company where they create super fun fragrances
    that will rocket you into outer space! They hand blend their fragrances using the world’s best ingredients,
    so all you have to do is sit back, relax and smell good!

    Smell Bent thinks that perfume should be fun and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.
    Life can be hard, but it shouldn’t have to smell bad.

    I recently was introduced to this intoxicating line by Smell Bent's creator Brent Leonesio, a member of and had to share with you some of my favorite fragrances from his collection,
    including 5 limited editions created just for the holiday season!
    We've had these fragrances customized a bit for you by adding a roll-on to the bottle.
    [bolding added]

    Remember the 10% discount for Basenotes members, too.
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