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    Default What makes a seasonal scent?

    I have definitely heard of fragrances being good for summer, or just a fall/winter scent.. How is this determined? Is it a convention, (like no white after labor day?) Or is it more about the scent itself smelling different depending on the weather? How can a newbie like me tell which is which? Will people look at me funny if I am wearing something at the wrong time of year?

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    In the summer it is best to wear something cool and fresh. Something that will help neutralize the heat. For the winter alot of people prefer to wear something a little heavier or spicer to slice through the cold air. There are many scents that you can wear year round. Most of the "summer" fragrances don't last as long. I personally love the fall/winter scents. However, I would never wear Burberry London or A*Men in July. You would simply take out everyone around you.

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    well im just a starter, but i think its all about how the fragrance smells on you on a particular weather .......

    for example....i find azzaro visit to be one of my favourite fragrances on an evening with cool temperature , while i would find the same to be terrible during a hot temperature evening or say noon .

    while at the same time i find azzaro chrome to be smelling great enough, even during high temperature weathers as well as normal temperature weathers .....

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    Just imagine the drink you'd like to have in a certain weather. I assume most people would prefer fresh cold drinks in a hot and humid day, while a glass of hot chocolate in a cold weather. So, generally:

    Warmer weather -> fresher/lighter scents
    Colder weather -> warmer/heavier scents

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    Quote Originally Posted by zliang View Post
    Warmer weather -> fresher/lighter scents
    Colder weather -> warmer/heavier scents
    This is good for a general guideline; but I wear most of my fragrances year round.

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    Choosing scents for the season is based on two things: marketing, memories, and the natural scents of the season.

    Many scents are marketed as being fresh or light, or with summery names and descriptions. So we tend to think of those as summer scents. Then some scents are marketed as being warm or heavy, and we think of those as winter scents. Since smell is a state of mind in some ways, the marketing is important and a decent guideline, but it shouldn't limit you.

    Sometimes memory is important in seasonal scents: coconut scents remind some people of summertime sunblock, incense reminds many of wintery Christmas masses, cinnamon scents recall memories of fall cider and pumpkin pie, and lilac reminds some people of springtime flowering bushes. If a scent triggers a memory tied to a season, you will always associate it with that season.

    Scents of the season
    In the winter, there aren't many natural smells. All the plants are dead and the earth is frozen (at least where I live), so your scent has nothing to compete against, nothing to contrast it. In the winter you can wear just about anything. Florals, woods, and incense type scents work well. Most people think of florals as summer scents, but in my opinion they are most effective in the winter when they stand out against the blank wintery canvas. Winter is the time to make a statement with your perfume, which is why some people break out their "heaviest" scents.

    In spring you have a lot of earth smells and some pungent florals in the air, depending where you live. You don't want your perfume to compete with those, although sometimes you can gently complement the smells in the air. Good vetivers are wonderful in the spring.

    Summer is the toughest season for wearing perfume, because the air is ripe with so many scents - some nice, some not. It is easy for some notes, like florals or grasses, to get completely lost. Some of the modern aquatics or ozone scents, which don't really exist in nature, are useful because they won't compete with anything in the air. Citrus scents usually work well, but incense and spices can be wonderful in the summer too. I like tea scents in the summer, for some reason.

    In fall you have a lot of woody smells in the air, as well as the earthiness of decaying leaves, but overall there is much less to smell than spring and summer. Fall is a great season for wearing woody scents.

    It really depends on where you live, the smells around you, and what you like. Follow your own nose, don't depend on what other people say. Make your own decisions.

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    Yeah, I don't think it's a matter of risking being inappropriate, it's just a matter of what one longs for at a particular time of year. In the colder months I often, not always, want to wear stuff that feels warm to me. In the summer when scents can seem to crowd in on you, esp the heat and humidity of Maryland, I prefer to wear simpler, drier, often citrusy frags.

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    like what others have mentioned,
    cold weather scent are generally strong and has a "warm" ingredient
    whereas hot weather scent are fresh and citrusy. Also another thing to remember is, hot weather scent are generally lighter because the heat will amplify its sillage. So if you are wearing something already strong, during the summer, it will magnify its power. Hence the word cloying.
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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    Quote Originally Posted by r0bdigz View Post
    However, I would never wear Burberry London or A*Men in July. You would simply take out everyone around you.
    I don't know where you live, but A*Men in July is just fine for California! It's a different wear than in the winter, which is when I usually wear it, but to me it's still enjoyable, surprisingly, in the heat.
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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    This is just my opinion, so take it with a small grain of salt.

    I'm of the mind that, all things considered, there's really only two good seasons for wearing fragrances - autumn and winter. Based on my own personal experience, the cooler and dryer the weather, the more I get out of whatever I put on. Mid spring thru summer, when weather gets more humid and warm, even higher quality stuff doesn't seem to last as long, or blends with sweat and skin oils into something that smells much more unpleasant than originally intended.

    I've noticed that commercially, aquatics and heavy floral/fruit combos are geared toward summer - Cool Water, CK Escape, Polo Sport - while winter stuff is warmer, woodsier, and spicier, like CK Obsession, English Leather, Chanel Allure, etc.

    Trial and error on a month by month basis will reveal what works best for you.

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    Default Re: What makes a seasonal scent?

    I feel the answer to the question depends on your personal preference. Some feel they can wear a scent no matter what season they're in. Others feel obligated to wear scents according to temperature or season.

    For me, I tend to wear certain scents more when the temperature gets hot (e.g. Versace Man) but also find myself wearing some colognes year round (e.g. Cool Water).
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