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    I like Frankincense and Myrrh and I try to test (and to make too) fragrances with these oils/notes.
    Few years ago I got an original sample of Villoresi's Incensi and I liked that scent a lot,
    specially a green and slightly mentholated note which I could detect on my clothes even
    after few days. I got my first bottle of Incensi as a gift almost a year ago and it was a big
    surprise: it's weaker and with less sillage than from the sample. The biggest disappointment:
    that green/mentholated note is absolutely absent, but clove is incredibly prominent. And the
    sample, and the bottle are from a reputable store. I'm asking myself, if there was reformulation
    and I would like to know if somebody had the same experience with Incensi. Thanks for reactions.

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    Is it possible that the original sample you had was Spezie and not Incensi? Just a thought given what you have described.

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    No, it was Incensi too, just with that green/mentholated note.

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    Tony is right, I personally can remember no Clove in Incensi, just a faint cinnamon that presents itself in the midphase of the scent. Further to that, it's Spezie which has some cool notes of nutmeg and tomato leaves, probably what you're interpreting as mentholated.

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