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Thread: Mugler Cologne

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    Default Mugler Cologne

    As a fan of scents like Eau de Guerlain, Acqua di Parma Colonia, Roger & Gallet, etc, do you think Mugler Cologne would be a suitable choice for me?

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    I'm only familiar with Mugler and Eau de Guerlain, of the ones you mentioned, but yes, I think Mugler Cologne would be a good buy for you. I like it, but haven't owned it.

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    It's really well done, has little relationship to traditional eau de colognes. Creed's Original Vetiver is often considered similar. Think fresh and bright, not aquatic.
    Yes, it's quite refreshing, but it can really go on, and on, in a rather superficial way. I consider it a fun, happy and optimistic wearing experience - a great vacation fragrance. I love the shower gel.
    FYI: I'm not a Thierry Mugler A-Men/B-Men fan. This one is certainly unexpected from this house.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    This one is a headache in a bottle for me. Smells fine, but the negative physical impact is almost immediate. The only scent I've ever tried that has the effect on me.

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    It's nice, but after a while I find it a bit too sharp and haven't worn it for some time. Maybe I'll revisit it.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    I think you would enjoy Mugler
    it is a bit different than the ones you have but definitely worth owning
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    You might like it, but it's nothing like the scents you mentioned. It's smells like it looks - which is neon green.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    Mugler Cologne is so crisp and clean. I do love this juice. I bought a small bottle initially. I'll buy a much larger one when it runs out.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    It's fresh, crisp, GREEN juice. And i mean green in smell as well as color.

    It reminds me mostly of my much-loved and oft-complimented Gendarme V. I would recommmedn you try that as well if you're looking for a fresh and green cologne that will not offend.

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    It's definitely worth a try. I like it but not my favorite.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    The worst blind buy for me as it had totally no sillage and longevity.

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    It always reminds me of something a south east Asian would wear. Being one, I don't wear it often but when I do I kinda enjoy it.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    I always wear it after a work-out
    nice and refreshing. it's pretty good! (but yeah, sillage and longevity arn't that great...)

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    In my opinion, yes, since it almost has a niche cologne quality at designer prices.

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    IMO it's fantastic - and has more sillage/longevity than a classic eau de cologne.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    I agree with everyone, it's great stuff. And I find it's longevity is better than it's often given credit for.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    Mugler has little in common with the classic Eau de Colognes you mention. As someone else has stated, it smells hyper-green, just like it looks. And it lasts forever and day on me - a little obnoxious actually.
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne

    I liked Mugler Cologne a LOT when I first got it. Eventually I got a bottle of Creed's Original Vetiver and it made Cologne seem inadequate. Both are good, but in comparison, Cologne is a little more synthetic while OV has more depth. Looking at the scents that you like, I think OV would be more your style. Everyone should have one or the other in their drobe (or both).

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