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    Default Hello and some suggestions

    Just wanted to say hello, and to ask for some simple suggestions. I've only recently started trying out and becoming interested in colognes. I don't like many of the popular scents from people my age (23), and have found myself liking older and more "rugged" fragrances.

    I'm looking for more outdoorsy scents. So far I've liked the $1 Store Old Spice knock-off, T&H Grafton (can't put my finger on why), and GFT Wild Fern. I've tried Floris Vetiver, but there is something I don't quite like about it. I've been wanting to try some of the L'Occitane fragrances because I've heard they are "outdoorsy."

    So, any suggestions? I don't dress up or work in a very professional environment, so nothing too formal. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to learning.

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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    I wouldn't call most of the L'Occitane line outdoorsy, but there are a few, Eau du Badian is pretty earthy and herbal. I think you might just go for Chanel Platinum Egoiste, Pasha de Cartier, and you may go for some of the '80s fragrances like Quorum by Puig. In a more niche offering, Bond No. 9 has two that I thought of right away, Central Park which is more green and leafy and Wall Street which is more aquatic. In a vetiver offering, I suppose one must try Guerlain Vetiver which I personally don't go for, I prefer the lighter and more modern Thierry Mugler Cologne.

    Something to get you started and thinking, check out reviews and note pyramids on the ones you know you like to get more ideas on where to go from here. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    outdoorsy and rugged - Terre d'Hermes

    It is also suggested for virtually any other reason on this board, because it is awesome

    l'occitane shops are fun, but not really "outdoorsy" for the most part. They do have a good vetiver that could fit that category though. Lots of people like their Cedar, though it bored me to tears. They have a lot of lighter floral/herbal fragrances and quite an array of tea based scents that are mostly well thought of. I remember enjoying their fragrance simply called L'OCCITAN, though all I remember about it is that I thought it was well blended and had a nice nutmeg note.

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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    For L'Occitane, I'd second the two above picks. The self-titled L'Occitane and the Badian are both rather herbal and spicy.

    Along those lines, you might like some of the more traditional 80's power frags like Boss #1, Azzaro Pour Homme, or something woody and peppery like Gucci Pour Homme.

    Or, something musky like Kiehl's Original Musk.
    Or, maybe you'd like leather - try Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather
    Or, maybe something a little fresh, but with tobacco and leather - try Burberry London

    Along the "green" lines, based on GFT fern (are you a wetshaver?) try Penhaligon's English Fern, and along the lines of Floris Vetiver, try Creed, L'Occitane, or Geurlain's Vetivers.

    What I'd stay away from are the overused acquatics and pure citrus ones... do note though, that often the top notes will appear sweet or fresh, but the drydown leads to something much stronger/manly, so give them time.

    good luck, stick with it. It'll be worth all the work when you find something you love. Remember, sample sample sample, then buy.
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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    Hey there. Do give Issey Miyake's L'eau Bleue D'Issey a sniff (and wait for 20-30 minutes before you pass a judgement). Definitely outdoorsy in an unconventional non-conformist way. Forget Bond recs (no offense ) - they're ridiculously over-priced esp. for someone looking at L'Occitane range (that includes me btw).
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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    I agree with the recommendations of Guerlain's Vetiver and Mugler Cologne. I really like both of them.

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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    +1 on mugler cologne.

    and I recommend paul smith story as well
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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    Welcome Kyle Hyde.

    Another vote for Guerlain Vetiver. I know I'd be really taking a gamble suggesting Kouros (YSL), but I think you should try to give it a sniff (or best still, a few sample wearings if possible), it does have a "rugged" vibe to it, IMO.

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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    To me, "outdoorsy" means "natural woods." Comme Des Garcon's Series Red: Sequoia smells like camping in a pine forest. For other piney recommendations, see the "Coneheads" Social Group, which discusses lots of delicious pine type scents.

    Good luck! I adore woody scents on a least on my husband! That wonderful fresh, outdoor scent is very attractive to me.
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    Default Re: Hello and some suggestions

    For rugged but still elegant I suggest Chaps by Ralph Lauren - it was discontinued, but I hear it's back. Very simple, some good leather, some powder, and you're all set.

    For outdoorsy but still elegant, Platinum Egoiste by Chanel. It's a tad bit controversial - read the reviews and you'll see what I mean - but my personal rule of thumb is, with Chanel, you really can't go wrong, and I wear this, so I stand behind it. This is bold and green smelling, and as far as I can tell where I'm from it's not very widely known, so it has its own intrigue about it.

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