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    Default The smell of Sardinia.

    I noticed a new line of soaps in our local garden centre, made by
    the Florentine company Nesti Dante. I sniffed a few at random and
    suddenly found "THE ONE!" It is called Sardegna (Sardinia) and has notes '
    of myrtle nectar, lentiscus and helichrysum shrub.

    All I can say is that is they made a perfume with these notes in it I would
    be in seventh heaven! They are very reasonably priced at £2.95 so I have stocked up
    for Christmas presents. No-one could fail to find this scent appealing.

    Do any of you happen to know any perfumes with the above notes in them?

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    Default Re: The smell of Sardinia.

    Ha, coincidence! I use the Sardegna to stuff between my linens & towels - great clean-but-not-boring scent. L'Occitane Myrtle or Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea are the most myrtle-prominent scents I know of, though they're quite different to the soap.
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    Default Re: The smell of Sardinia.

    ADP Mirto di Panarea is a great myrtle scent!

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