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    Default When customs duties are higher than the price of the fragance

    So, I bought Alfred Sung in Fragance X for amost USD 15. Argentine customs charged me almost USD 30. So 30 ml / 1 Oz of this EdT ended up costing USD 45.

    The point in case is that Fragance X sent the shipmet through DHL as a courtesy (their last shipment took almost two months to arrive, so they made up this way), Customs intercepted the box, opened it an taxed me the highest amount possible - they classified it as a blend instead of a beauty / personal care product.

    So, well, this happened to be one of my most expensive purchases so far.

    Tough luck!

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    Default Re: When customs duties are higher than the price of the fragance

    The problem here is government. As long as citizens put up with such nonsense the various governments will continue to enact and enforce such punative practices. Time for getting a grass roots movement going to either get relief or oust the bastards who won't listen to the people.
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