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    Smile On skin vs. clothing.

    I've read in some places that a fragrance might be better suited to being worn on clothing - ex., shirt, etc. Are there particular classes of fragrances (ex., Orientals, Woody, Floral, etc.) that fit this description over others?

    Thanks very much.


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    Hi and Welcome to Basenotes!

    I can only speak for myself. I tend to spray on clothes when I'd like to have better longevity from the scent. My skin does not hold fragrances particularly well. I do realize though, that on clothes, certain of my fragrances do not develop/dry down as well as they do on skin, and this is probably due to skin chemistry(or lack of) reacting (positively or negatively) with the applied scent.
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    I tend to spray the lighter scents on my clothes they seem to last longer like Creeds Bois de Cedrat for one.

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    Some perfumes stain your clothes, not permanently, but enough to make you change out of the clean white shirt you just put on, so you should test them out first. Many have dyes added to get just the right colour.

    I have heard that many perfumes designed for mega department store sales are designed to smell their best on those paper testing strips. Those ones might develop best on clothes.

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    Default Re: On skin vs. clothing.

    I NEVER spray on clothing. But to each his own.....
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    I might spray some on my shirt if I really love the top notes. But this is done via the 'waltk through the mist' staining is less of a problem.

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    Thanks for the feedback :-)

    Had I spent a bit more time looking into the archives I'd have seen this thread's former life...sorry for the oversight.


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