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    Default NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    Hey folks! Tonight I was walking down 34th Street in NYC and ran into a street vendor with a table set up selling some great fragrances. The bottles looked new, wrapped and (to all outward appearances) authentic. I picked up Prada Amber Pour Homme for $30.00. The stuff smells great but I think it's possible it might have been watered down. Anyone have any insight into this market?

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    Lightbulb Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    I know the place you're talking of. Those bottles are not authentic. As with all the stuff sold on the street of NYC, if it's got a brand telling you the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Or, in a best case scenario (for you at least), it fell off a truck.

    On the other hand, if it smells right, why not? My ex works in the shoe import business, and, without saying too much, let's just say that even the merchandise you buy in reputable stores can be less than authentic. (Although the quality is often the same.)
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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    I picked up a real bottle of Prada Amber yesterday and can now see that there are some obvious differences in the bottles. Even the color of the juice is slightly off. That said, it smells VERY close. I may do a side-by-side comparison today. I don't like buying knock-offs and supporting these low-lifes. Never again!

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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    Yikes, I'd steer clear of the too good to be true street scammers.
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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    I've never bought from street vendors. I saw a video somewhere on the internet of street vendors taking half filled perfumes and filling it with alcohol or oil and boxing it up to sell. That's why sometimes if you buy from street vendors you will find the fragrance you purchase to be totally different from how the original smells.

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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    At the local mall, in spite of being actually filled with serious, authorized, completely legit perfume stores, street vendors occasionally go through the mall and also through its parking lots and offer their goods (most likely stolen ones) to whom it may concern, but I never bought anything, nor felt the urge to buy anything from them.

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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    Dude, just go to Broadway between 27th and 31st.

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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    I wish I knew places like that in San Francisco. I wouldn't buy fragrances, but i'd check out their Rolox's and Oaklee's

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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    I wouldnt risk it. Lots of fakes out there.
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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    Living in NYC I can tell you pretty much every vendor is selling fake juice, your best is definitely stay away

    also stay away from the fragrance district as well, it is very hard to to tell from the legit to the fakes, they make it very difficult, which online sources like beautyencounter or frangrancex and so on you can get prices just as cheap nowadays and have no worries
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    Default Re: NYC Streetcorner Fragrance Vendors?

    Sounds like a bad idea , just like those coach purse vendors in Dc
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