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    Question Who's your Reviewer?

    I have come to the conclusion that for reviews to be meaningful to YOU it is necessary to find a reviewer or two here on base notes that have way more hits than misses as to matching your fragrance enjoyment profile. Once done you have the best possible way to narrow down "to be tested" items before buying or heavan forbid "blind buy" which, as you all know I would never do (ooops my nose is growing.) When I look through the basenotes fragrance directory I always look for certain reviewers. (No way will I tell who they are but, it is a small, sellect group.) In these reviewers I place much faith and am rarely disappointed. This method works for me until the final step which, is to test it. Saves me much time and money. There are some rare, oh let's be honest, out there fragrances that I largely investigate on my own but, they are few but, fun.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    It must be at least 2 months since I asked a similar question, which was something along the lines of, which BNer's bad review would worry you (if you were considering a blind buy). At this point, I try to get more of a "composite" sense of the frag from many reviews.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    ZZ Top.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I never really trust the thumbs-up/thumbs-down reviews of any reviewers in particular, but there are definitely people I look for when I want a comprehensive description of the notes and presentation of the fragrance. I often appreciate it when the reviews are more terse and brief too. That list would include Bigsly, Andrewthecologneguy, tvlampboy, decillisjl, LiveJazz, Ken Russel, MonkeyManMatt, and a few others I left off. I usually first look for a review from one of these guys for an overall impression of the scent that highlights key notes. After that, I'll definitely take my time and read over the reviews by Vibert and foetidus. Eventually I read all the review.

    That's just my strategy.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    For me it's SirSlarty, Somerville Metro Man, Redneck Perfumisto, Matthewfoo and Foetidus in no particular order. I'm not sure why I just scan through and find their names first.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Snarky is as snarky does.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    There is one reviewer who particularly seems to like the same kinds of things I like, so I often look to that person's reviews, with generally reliable results. As far as I can tell, that reviewer does not particpate in the forums. I do, however, pay attention to many other reviews as well, on the chance that I might find something to like that I ordinarily wouldn't have thought I would like. That's really the fun part.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Aromi Erotici - Somerville - Sir Slarty in that order.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Quote Originally Posted by N_Tesla View Post
    I have come to the conclusion that for reviews to be meaningful to YOU it is necessary to find a reviewer or two here on base notes that have way more hits than misses as to matching your fragrance enjoyment profile.
    I don't agree with this. I look for accurate descriptive information, but as to the subjective matter of like or dislike, it doesn't significantly impact me if they say they like or dislike the scent. I may hope that they share my taste, but I can benefit regardless.

    I also look to the sum of the reviews on any given fragrance to see if common themes stand out. From that I build a composite in my mind. One example might be useful: Miller Harris' Tangerine Vert. Building a composite review, I get the following themes from the other reviewers (before I bought it, that is): (a) similar to Eau d'Orange Verte (b) but with better longevity (c) with tangerine for the top note. That consensus view (and you may derive a different impression) was sufficient for me to do the unthinkable: a blind buy. And a successful one, I might add. But the composite impression was far more valuable to me than a single reviewers opinion.

    Of course, this is more difficult to do when there are lots of reviews and divergent opinions. In those cases, I look for common themes and tend to discount (perhaps incorrectly) unique views. Again, it is a tool, not an infallible way to find a fragrance.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Vibert - for my Parfum d'habit purchase.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I really like Jaime B's reviews. His descriptions are usually spot-on, and they do exactly what written accounts of something as ethereal as the perception of fine fragrance should: they paint wonderful word-pictures that enable a reader to vicariously experience the scent he's describing as it unfolds and develops.

    He's also just as descriptively accurate when writing about fragrances he doesn't like as those he adores.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I think you've all named the top of the Fraghead Illuminati on BN. I appreciate all they do. Wish I could refine my sniffing skills and put them down on text. I'm glad jradosev mentioned Jaime B to add to the list. These are the poobah "knows" (nose) in the know.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Scentemental and Pluran.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Oh gosh, we have so many amazing reviewers.

    For me, off the top of my head, it's foetidus, tvlampboy, odysseusm, Vibert, and JaimeB, pretty much in that order, followed by about 10 more that I have "bookmarked" in my head. Good job all!
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    There is no one really that I follow but I know of one reviewer who has virtually the opposite tastes as me and I usually like the fragrances that he doesn't.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Foetidus for his deep understanding of notes, accords, blending and balance, not to mention the depth of his fragrance testing. MikePerez23 for his hands on, test driven approach. Scentemental for his affirmative knowledge and years of experience.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I'm like scentsitivity - I use a complex combination of reviewers - in different combinations - to make decisions. It can be very seat-of-the-pants. For instance, a positive review by Mike Perez just goes on my test list automatically, because if he likes it, I'll like it, and for similar reasons. Dimitri similar but less so. SMM is also a very reliable positive review for me, and I can even use a rave review from him as a guarantee for a blind buy. Vibert gets way more notes than I do, but all of the ones I'm going to get are in his review, so if I need detail, I go there. foetidus informs me on the structure and general worthiness of scents. But there are cases where a SINGLE reviewer makes me do a 180 and take another look at a scent. Two examples. I use SirSlarty as a kind of scent preprocessor. If he likes it, I move it up, and if he doesn't, I move it down. Very reliable for me as evidence, but not for my final decision. Anyway, when he liked the new DKNY masculine after my earlier disappointment, it went back up. I went back to Sephora, resniffed, and GOT the amazing thing. Another example was Ruggles on Guerlain Homme. I was sure I hated it, but was surprised to see him sticking up for it. I went back, worked on it until I found the right level of application, and now it's a top favorite. And it led me to the EDP Intense - totally to die for. I also look to Ruggles as something of an early fashion trend detector. Never write off one of his predictions or observations. bluesoul has also turned me on to some great scents, as has bossanova_boy.

    I have to be careful about petruccijc! When he spots a flaw in a fragrance, I know I'll see it, too. It may not be enough to keep me from buying, but it will ring true for me. Ortho123 and Sybarite can also tell me a lot about the weaknesses of fragrances, and I've learned to pay attention to their opinions as well.

    Asha is becoming like a second Vibert for me. Very helpful.

    For designer scents and aquatics, I look to the opinions of NOOBS. They come in here uninfected by basenotitis. I've learned to respect some designer scents based on the opinions of people with 1 digit worth of posts.

    There are a few dozen other names who I look for on specific areas, because they're lovers and experts. Aromi and Dimitrios on powerhouse, odysseusm on conehead stuff, DULLAH on greenery, acceptfacts on Bond (or almost anything, really), zztopp on Creed, Turin and scentemental on classics and 5*. Astaroth for freshies and frozen delights. T_G_L and hirsch for naturals and EDCs. Beyond specific names, I will simply look for well-reasoned responses, or flipped opinions, the latter because surprise is a reliable sign of real information.

    I could go on and on. Many, many names. Like I said - complicated.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Hell, where do i begin..............

    Mario Justiniani
    Ken Russell
    Somerville Metro Man

    plus many, many more.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Thegolfer, because he seem to have the same taste as me.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Copied this from a similar post earlier in the year:

    My non-exhaustive list:

    foetidus - usually dispassionate analysis of scents, even those he doesn't love. my main reference

    mikeperez23 - down to Earth, man-on-the-street reviews

    Sirslarty - Hmmm, sometimes cant figure his tastes out, but i always refer to his reviews

    JaimeB - he is an ardent lover of fragrance, analyses well and matches his reviews with purchases

    SMM - procsaic analysis of scents backed with an obvious world of wisdom

    Vibert - knows his ingredients and how they should be blended for a particular scent concept

    the_good_life - his joie de vie comes through so clearly as he interprets scents from that view

    odysseusm - green scent connosieur par exellence

    RedneckPerfumisto - interestingly worded reviews.

    AromiErotici - my BN power-house soulmate. what he likes, i like.

    Andrew the Cologne Guy - Straight up, unplugged, as-it-is reviews

    Asha - well thought side-by-side reviews.

    Jenson - reviews from similar climate to mine. Likes what i like.

    Dimitri - dedicated to fragrances. i "listen" to him.

    I want to add:

    Dimitrios - Shares my passion for the classics, and knows his frags.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Sofresh, Vibert , Mr.Guerlain, Mike Perez
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Not one, but three.

    Somerville Metro Man, Foetidus and Mario Justiantini.

    They balance each other out, but Metro Man is more focused on current releases; Mario more on "macho" from whenever released.
    Foetidus tries EVERYTHING.

    Vibert, Trebor and Jensen also have cred with me.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I tend to read all reviews to get a balanced picture of a fragrance. That said I do particularly enjoy Vibert and Dimitri's reviews, they really help me picture a scent.

    I also like how both reviewers seem to have a mix of thumbs up, neutral and thumbs down reviews whereas some only seem to have all negative/positive, again it's about balance.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    In order to convert a blind buy into a partially sighted one, there are several reviewers who help this process. Most of the better noses have already been mentioned, but a few more that probably deserve a mention are joe_frances, kaern, and Griff. As someone who spends a lot of time rummaging around the cavernous review section, I am always grateful for any opinion that is recorded about the fragrance I am researching. Having looked at other websites, we are truly blessed to have such a mine of information.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Inselaffe View Post
    ....joe_frances, kaern, and Griff.....
    *snaps fingers in remembrance*

    ointments and perfume delight the heart....


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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    In no order, since they all, out of different reasons, occupy the top spot from me (and, as with other messages on this thread, my list is far from complete):

    Sir Slarty
    Mario Justiniani
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    Vibert is very good.
    Zztop nails it all the time, he is the king.

    I take seriously their reviews before buying.

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I like the reviews that describe how a fragrance actually smells, although I do enjoy the poetic ones, granted I feel the same about the fragrance. Vibert is usually dead-on note for note and paints a very good picture of what one can expect when sampling something for the first time.

    Then again, what I appreciate the most is that we have a whole community and multiple reviews coming from so many different perspectives. I read and take every review into consideration before sampling something.
    Sales thread here

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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    zztopp ( uncanny - 9/10 times describes exactly what I'm smelling )
    vibert ( notes dissection and analysis )
    foetidus ( clinical notes analysis )
    asha ( notes analysis on female fragrances )
    JaimeB ( ability to understand tough-to-crack scents)
    jenson ( has yet to disappoint with his recommendations )
    odysseum (esp. for green scents)
    AromiErotici (esp. for masculine powerhouses)

    Plus quite a few others whose reviews I respect even if their taste/preferences run contrary to my own.
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    Default Re: Who's your Reviewer?

    I read 'em all and appreciate 'em all - well almost. Over the last year I have found myself 'triangulating' when I want to research amongst the following and sometimes I just like to flip thru their (your) terrific writing

    Vibert, Asha, JaimeB, foetidius, scentemental, hirch_duckfinder, odysseum

    If I'm after a specific style I (we) can look to the_good_life, AromiErotici and other 'specialists'.

    There are others, of course . . .

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