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    Immortelle -- very bright yellow -- this one puzzled me, still is after three wears. It is insency and opulent and totally unnatural: also very complex, like a parfumeur's creation. It starts with a blast of of aldehydes and lemon, develops into the woody-resiny floral with an accent on hiacynth and gardenia with spicy (pepper and cardamom) undertones, and ends up with insence and patchouli. (A Year of a Cat! ) Can be put on the market by itself as a soliflore. (However, it smells sarcastic and cold, like Penhaligon's scents do!)

    This is about 20 per cent absolute.
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    imortelle is one of my fave oils.. hay nd honeyed and very soothing

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    Immortelle if blended correctly with other notes leaves one with a very pleasant experience.

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    This is one where dilution is key. Its sharpness becomes a real warmth in sufficient dilution, with a little sweetness, a soothing note with a little smelly socks thrown in. Concentrated it has a kind of sour green edge.

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