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    Question Transporting SL bell jars?

    Do the SL Paris exclusives come only in bell jars or are they also available in the regular bottles at the boutique? If they're only available in bell jars, for those of you who have dealt with this, how problematic is transporting or shipping them?
    Given the current airport security restrictions, I don't think one could carry them on (liquids, container sizes, etc.). Can they be packed and checked in with the luggage safely? If not, can they be shipped safely? What are the approximate dimensions of the box and is it an oversized "luxury" presentation or a regular box?
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    Default Re: Transporting SL bell jars?

    The bell jars are pretty air tight. I think you should worry more about how to open it, rather than whether it might spill in transit :-)

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    Default Re: Transporting SL bell jars?

    I shipped a Bell Jar to Indonesia and the stopper stayed in all the way there. The glass is so thick that it's next to impossible to shatter.

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    Default Re: Transporting SL bell jars?

    I have transported two unopened bell jars in my check-in luggage with no problems. If you are worried, you can always add some bubble wrap between the jar and the box and tape the stopper.

    The box is 11.5cm by 6.75cm by 6.75cm.

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    Default Re: Transporting SL bell jars?

    You could put it in your carry-on if you wanted to, since they're under 100ml in size. You'd have to take them out and put them into a zip-lock bag, though.
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    Default Re: Transporting SL bell jars?

    I'm considering ordering a couple bell jars of fragrances I enjoy, but I wish there was an atomizer option for these bell jars. Dabbing works well with perfume oils but for alcohol based perfumes I really do prefer some sort of spray mechanism.

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    Default Re: Transporting SL bell jars?

    I've had the bell jars shipped to me from France, and I've flown them home in my checked luggage. No leaks experienced. I would be careful when opening them because the stoppers are well sealed.

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