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    Default Re: It surprises me that the Male Discussion forum outnumbers the Female forum...

    I love basenotes for the mixity. When a gentle (or brutal) man comes in and give his direct point of view, when a lady (or girl) unveils her personnality. Beautiful.
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    Default Re: It surprises me that the Male Discussion forum outnumbers the Female forum...

    Quote Originally Posted by ECaruthers View Post
    OK, history tells us why BN had more men than women in the past. How about now? Is there something that draws men to BN instead of any other board?
    I used to post some reviews on a few years back, and I remember someone commenting that they were glad to see some "reviews of men's scents," I guess because overall, there was a dearth of reviews of men's scents online. Another reason might have been because the population there was predominantly female at the time. (It might be different now. I haven't gone back there lately. Some Basenotes members might remember why.) Anyway, y'know "Birds of a feather stick together," and all that. If you're male, and looking for reviews of male scents, you're gonna gravitate towards a place where more people are posting reviews of "male scents,"* I suppose. (*by "male scents" I am referring to those scents that companies are marketing towards men)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilda_Rosa View Post
    Basenotes was the first perfume forum I ever posted on and that was back in 1999 and as far as I know, it was the very first of its kind. It was all male then but there were some women who joined in. Later, , LLP MUA , PA and POL sprang up in that order and they seemed to attract more females and siphoned off some of the early women from Basenotes until the Women got their separate section.
    I too discovered Basenotes first. It was when I was looking for a discontinued scent, and Basenotes was the *only* helpful website that seemed to show up on Google. When I revisited 2 years later, someone mentioned to me. So I did check it out, but the forum there had a terrible format. 'Difficult to find anything, difficult to search. Maybe it's changed too. I dunno. I haven't been back there to check lately either! I can't explain why more females haven't gravitated to Basenotes for that reason alone.

    I keep coming back here because the discussion is stimulating. Fragrances/food/art/etc. Plus, most people on this forum are very literate, and their typing style is easy on the eyes, especially to someone whose skin curls when *e sees obvious grammatical or spelling errors.
    "Embrace those things which give you pleasure, after all, there is so much mediocrity to endure elsewhere." -- Inselaffe

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