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    Question Lutens lavenders

    Hello Lutens fans;

    Of all the scents I tested from SL, Gris Clair was the one that impressed me most favorably and most quickly. From the beginning I knew it was the one that I could actually wear...and so I got caught in the web and now I'm trapped. Interestingly enough, despite my love for orientals, I never found any other Lutens that I could wear. I consider them works of art but they have elements that are unpleasant or distubring to me (emotionally/mentally). Sometimes it's the curry note, sometimes the smokey amber... dark, strange...just not my thing. And some are just not extraordinary.

    For this reason, I've also been sampling Ensence et Lavande.
    I'm a little surprised at the constant comparison of these two. Yes, both feature lavender but they're very different. Reviews are mixed. I find GC more unique than EeL and I would want it in my wardrobe.

    GC has a distinct tonka and smoke/ash note that pushes through very quickly. It lasts on my skin forever and I get sudden whiffs of it out of nowhere. It is very much in line with the descriptions in the press/ads (the flower...burning but cannot touch). It's cold and ashen--yet warm at once!

    On the other hand, EeL is much lighter, fresher, more transparent and has less of a presence and diffusion off my skin. It's lemony fresh at the top and the incense is not nearly as smokey as GC. In fact, the development of this scent is much slower and the incense comes up ever so slowly, quietly, softly--more like turning the page of a book slowly. Is this why many call it "deeper" than GC? Some call EeL warmer, darker, and more smokey (!). I don't agree. I've smelled this treatment of incense elsewhere but I haven't smelled GC elsewhere.

    What's your take on these two?
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Lutens lavenders

    My experience with those two SL lavenders was very similar to yours.

    Here's the thing: Encens et Lavande has such a realistic smell of incense, but not the smoking, burning type - rather incense in it's unburnt, raw state. That is the biggest difference and it is important - as it is a bit confusing since incense scents sometimes are smoky (the CdG Incense Series, Serge Noire, Black Tourmaline...) and some are not (Incense Extreme, Passage d'Enfer..._). Perhaps you are not familiar with the smell of real, raw incense - unburnt.

    Of course, whether they are smoky or not, does not necessarily mean one will like it or not - it just depends on your taste(s). If you enjoy GC more than EeL, I wouldn't worry about it. No need to feel like you're missing out on anything if you don't like EeL.
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    Smile Re: Lutens lavenders

    Thanks Mike for your response. You pointed out the difference between the two very well. I am indeed very familiar with the scent of unburnt and raw incense and like it. But in fragrances such as Pd'E or Cardinal I don't enjoy it as much since it comes across very cold. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed GC better, besides it has the tonka that adds to the warmth.
    I think I'm in trouble. My next bottle is calling... : )
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