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    Smile French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    So I got this idea when I first started my videos from another youtuber. Lately I've had a few people from youtube and basenotes asking me to do a full video on how to pronounce designer's or bottle names in french. So here we are, all I need from you guys are example, name as many as you want , I need at least 10 to make a good video.

    Now I don't speak parisian french. I am a french Canadian. So some people might have a different view of what I am saying, but most words sound the same. My first language is french, I went to school in french (not french emersion) and my mother was a french teacher in our town for grade 4-6 kids. So I would say I can def. help some of you out that would like to hear these words .

    Thanks everyone, hopefully I will get some comments so I can get started on the video

    btw : It's been a few months now since I've joined this wonderful community and you guys have been great to me, as you can see my wardrobe went from 5 bottles to what I have now. I truly enjoy this and making videos and basenotes is a staple in my life.
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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    Just about any Serge Lutens

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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    Vous etes tres gentile! Je vous en remercie. My French is soooo limited, but I will fully appreciate your efforts on all things French.
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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    I remember we had a French Pronubciation thread a little while ago. Here it is:

    But some of the links no longer work, so it's great you're picking up on this with a YouTube version, Marc. I think SAs in particular should learn the correct pronunciation of the stuff they're selling.

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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    whats your ethnicity Marc?

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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    Hey Mark. I enjoy your videos, as well as Tim's. I plan to get a webcam in a month or so and start doing videos of my own. Be on the lookout.

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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    no link to said video?
    and keep up the good work!
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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackRainbow View Post
    no link to said video?
    and keep up the good work!
    L"Homme said: Thanks everyone, hopefully I will get some comments so I can get started on the video.

    Marc, for the longest time now, I've been wanting to know how to pronounce Spiritueuse in Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille.

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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    +1 on the SDV... is it "spir-E-Tose Doo-Bla-Va-nil"?

    How about Thierry Mugler?
    I thought it was "Theory Mug-ler", but apparently it's more like "Terry Moog-lay"
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    Default Re: French Pronunciation Video (youtube)

    Yes - Thierry Mugler, Thierry Wasser (Wasser is clear in German or English, but I'm wondering what the typical French pronunciation is...). Luca Turin. Un Parfum de Charmes et Feuilles. Les Nuits d'Hadrien. Ambre Narguilé. Ambre Précieux. 24, Faubourg. And especially "Bois". Sometimes it sounds like "Bwah". But when I hear French speakers say "Bois de Cédrat", it often sounds like "Boy". I'm not sure that the rule is on that, or if it's just the way that it sounds when followed by "de".

    Two of the pronunciation assists on BN that I've been most thankful for were Roja Dove's version of "Guerlain" (thanks to Prince Barry for that one) and Infusion d'Iris (thanks to JaimeB for that one!).
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    I'm curious how one says Turquie, as in Bois de Turquie.

    Is it tur-kee, or tur-kay? I tend to go with the latter as Bwah-day-tur-kay has a nice rhythm and rhyme to it, whereas Bwah-de-turkee just sounds.. odd.
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