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    Default Frapin L`Humaniste

    Someone tested this one? Does it share the same high quality as rest of the line? I`ve heard that it`s more ordinary than the others..

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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    I really liked it, but I may be more biased than others considering I really love the smell of gin and tonics. I think that's what they're going for with this one, was the smell of a gin and tonic, with some citrus and a woody drydown. I found it lovely, but it's not something that's super dynamic.
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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    I agree with mtxprox05 that it's well made and very pleasant, but it's not anything earth shattering.
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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    Yes, I'm quite impressed by it. It resembles to Esprit de Fleurs, but much more masculin. So far the best Frapin I've come across.

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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    Luckyscent doesn`t carry it.. (yet)

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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    Quote Originally Posted by Oslo-Fjord View Post
    Luckyscent doesn`t carry it.. (yet)
    Yes they do. I bought it from them months ago when it first came out. you have to look under men, and then under Frapin. It's in the men's directory.

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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    Hmm.. Strange. On Luckyscent, Caravelle Epicee and Passion Boisee are described as unisex fragrances. On Fragrantica they are classified as male-fragrances..

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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    I think all Frapins are unisex

    I tried this one a week ago and liked it very much, but my favorite still is Caravelle Epicee

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    Default Re: Frapin L`Humaniste

    Obviously, I am in minority here: L’Humaniste didn’t impressed me at all; or to be perfectly frank, it was a disappointment to me. It didn’t bring me anything new or original.
    I have and love Caravelle Épicée, Passion Boisée, 1270 and Terre de Sarment. The news about the new Frapin’s scent really intrigued me. Alas, huge expectations, as a result, have pretty often huge disappointments.
    I see Caravelle Épicée, Passion Boisée, 1270 and Terre de Sarment as the unisex scents; Esprit de Fleurs is a bit feminine for my standards; and one of the propaganda logos which follows L’Humaniste is “Man having his reason; also has his perfume. L’Humaniste.”
    However, I cannot see any good reason why woman wouldn’t wear it; of course, if she likes it.

    Oh, and LuckyScent still has it…

    Aus Liebe zum Duft as well…
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