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    Default She smells nice!

    I went to visit an elderly friend in hospital this afternoon.
    She was sitting up beside her bed next to another lady of
    roughly the same age. As I walked onto the ward the lady I
    didn't know said "SHE SMELLS NICE," in a really loud voice!
    It did make me wonder if I had over-applied my Cristobal, but
    I so rarely get compliments that I was pleased all the same.

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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    It was a hospital, but still.. sounds like a win

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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    Oh, that's just so neat.
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    In a hospital- that might have been the highlight of that patient's day. Be happy!
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    Right now I am working mostly with older folks -- and I mean older, the median age is 87 (one lady is 104 and the youngest one is 68). As I wear my fragrances mostly for myself, quite discreetly, I do not get any compliments or complaints as a rule. One of them ladies has a good nose -- one day she said "Oh, here comes a chocolate lady" about me (I was wearing Cocoon then), and today her comment was "She is smelling like a true rose" (Black Tourmaline). Of course, she is hard of hearing and does not suspect that everybody can hear her when she only thinks she is speaking half-voice. (OT: this is the same lady who was asking me for a Gorilla bar a couple of times before I realized she meant "Granola". )
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    Kewart, that's just wonderful. I work in a hospital and wear fragrance allllllll the time. Some hospitals have a fragrance-free policy, which is an abomination as far as I'm concerned.....I know it makes some people nauseous but there's always gravol! Seriously though, I always get comments/compliments on my fragrances, which of course, I love. I also always bring scented body creams for my patients, whether they're comatose or not, as it's so nice to walk into a room and smell refreshing grapefruit instead of stool.
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    I think patients in hospital or other care settings enjoy smelling perfume- that is my experience anyway . I mean hospitals are not the best smelling or the most joyous places ,so it is a treat and uplifting to smell some great perfume on someone. Especially older patients, they love to smell great perfume !
    Kewart - that is a great compliment !
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    How lovely, Kewart! Hospitals don't smell good, in my experience, how nice that you broke the olfactory monotony. I like Cristobal, though I can never spell it correctly.

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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    I work in a hospital as well and alot of the patients like the smell of perfume. When I worked days, I floated to an outpatient infusion unit. They did chemo and blood transfusion mostly. So, most of their patients where cancer patients. They would all love to smell me. I would get the phrase "oh she always smells so good". One of my favorite patients would always ask me about the latest perfumes.
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    I agree. I too work in the hospital and given the variety of less than pleasant odors that patients have to put up with on a daily basis, a little perfume would or could make their day. To me the fragrance-free policy is kinda going overboard, like burning the house just to get rid of a few mosquitoes.
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    I love this! Just love it.
    "You smell like sunshine and happiness."

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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    Two happy ladies!

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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    Lovely story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    You do smell wonderful! How lovely of you to share the love

    In a place that has so many awful smells, sounds like you made someone's day.
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    Default Re: She smells nice!

    Haha! Nice job. I'm sure you'll get even more if you apply Vintage Cabochard!

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