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    Default Problem with Fragrance Directory

    Tonight I am unable to search a fragrance name in the Fragrance Directory. I can type a name in and hit Search...and nothing happens. Says "done" at the bottom left of the screen but nothing really happens. The screen never changes. Anyone else?


    Looks like I encountered a malware or virus that completely disabled my AntivirGmb Premium antivirus program, won't allow it to reinstall or let me install another antivirus program (AVG). Strange, it affects my ability to use the Basenotes Fragrance Directory fragrance search mode. I will have to take my tower in to a computer pro Monday to see if it can be fixed.

    --Protect us from things that go eBump in the Night.

    edit: Got it sorted out I think. Dumped all traces of Avira and AVG. Rebooted, reloaded Avira Antivir from net. All seems to be OK. I can once again use the Fragrance Directory. Whew..
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