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    Default At the _airport?!

    At the airport tonight, I went into the Harmony Pharmacy and Health Center, because my flight was delayed and I thought I saw colored bottles. I figured I'd get to look at a few standard drugstore fragrances, or that I'd get in there and find that the pretty bottles were shampoo or something.

    They had two Lorenzo Villoresi scents. (Musk and Teint de Neige.) A whole bunch of Tokyo Milk. Several Santa Maria Novella. Several ElizabethW. A big Pacifica display. A whole lot of other things that I can't remember any longer.

    Is this as strange as it seemed to me?

    According to their website, they have locations at SFO, JFK, and Newark airports, and will be opening three more. (Dallas, Cleveland, and Baltimore.)

    I'm still stunned. But I approve.

    I also have a new bottle of Lorenzo Villoresi Musk.

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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    Congratulations, please wear it in good health! I love it too.

    The whole proliferation of the above houses is stunningly good. I approve as well.
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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    Congratulations - what a nice surprise for you Enjoy ! Testing great fragrance at the airport helps with the stress of flying !
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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    Yes! Last month at JFK, I was surprised to find niche scents at their shop in the JetBlue terminal. I didn't buy, but it was a lovely diversion.

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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    OH!! I am so jealous!! Lucky you, what a fab discovery! I would have missed my flight for sure.
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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    haha! Same..My Chemist sells Antaeus and all the chanel ranges..also Dior Eau Sauvage! An awesome drugstore!

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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    wow cool alright. curious about the SMN cause I know fancy legendary Gumps in SF is "only permitted" to sell like 2 of theirs, and rather boring ones at that. . .

    I did not see anything the like at SFO when I was there recently... what airline were you flying?

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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    United - it's on the way to gate seventy-odd.

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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    I'll have to take that into account next time I book a flight. was it international? domestique?

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    Default Re: At the _airport?!

    N i c e. I never get to see anything interesting at my airport...

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