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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    I love MdB. It is close to HG matrial for me. funny thing is I did not like it in the beginning. I alway associated it with those shoe polish sponges that got honey wax. I got other Serge's before it and somehow this was the weird one out of the bunch but I ended up liking it more than any of them. I treasure the 10 ml left in my old export bottle. I guess i will never find a scent like this if it has been reformulated. One thing you can never accuse it for is originality: there is nothing out there like it.

    I got various comments on it over time , ranging from 'this smells like an old man's cologne ' to 'furniture polish' to ' wow this smells amazing'.

    Yea, it would be nice to have a comparison between the two versions.

    The point of this post: MdB RULES!!
    No rain, no rainbow

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    I actually love anything that is "furniture polish" type smelling. Weird, I know. I love all kinds of honey interpretations in fragrance. This is one Lutens I've strangely enough never experienced. Tonight I managed to procure 3 new-in-wrapper bottles of this juice in the old 50ml Export bottles, the last of their stock. They are now in process of being shipped to me from Europe. Out of curiosity I just now checked eBay and saw one bottle that is 33% full selling for 200 dollars which seems a bit overboard but I figured this juice might be rare so stocking up wasn't the worst idea, and if I don't like it I could sell it relatively easy.

    I don't see any of the usual decanting sites carry this fragrance so I really have no way of testing out the new formulation other than ordering a bell jar of it which is why I was hoping someone with experience of both formulations could weigh in or perform a side-by-side.

    Either way, thank you for your post felix. I love polarizing scents which this one seems to be. Going to be hawking over my mailbox waiting for these bottles to show up. If I don't like it I'll sell you one for normal retail price, if you are interested.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    I have smelled the two, more than a reformulation Miel de bois has been "redesigned" into a softer scent.
    Honestly it's still a beautiful (even very beautiful) perfume, the reformulation has been respectful but it's undeniably not the same and if you were an inconditional of the former version you could be slightly disappointed.
    Comparing to the first formulation, the recent has lost harshness, the "wax polish / pleddge" note is less evident, the wood is more soft and round, it's also sweeter : the dark honey has become bright.
    Paradoxally, although the older was more brutal and weird it melted better with my skin, an osmosis, the actual gives to my skin a nice scent while the old smelled MY skin.
    But i'm sure a lot of people will prefer the new version (especially those who start with the new) , this reformulation is not a disaster and is still 1000x better than a discontinuation (that would be happened normally)

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Mon Petit thank you for that informative post! I had also read that the reformulation was softer and more approachable, which almost makes me think the reformulation wasn't forced by the hand of IFRA but by the Lutens brand itself after seeing such a polarizing response to the original. Or perhaps that's just the skeptic in me lol

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Maybe the two lm6, i think they probably had to reformulate it, but they profited the opportunity (passage from export to exclusive) for a little "upgrade" (as stated in interviews)

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    I Love Miel de Bois!
    I have 7 backups of the old juice

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    I love it as well. I am at the very bottom of my vintage sample, and not one drop of it smelled like urine. Sad day.
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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Me 4

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    And I'm still after a few extra bottles. Lol

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Jealous! I'd settle for one vintage bottle myself.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    be jealous no more. I woke up to a refund and a note from the company saying they tried to find a way to ship these to me but had no luck. I know certain companies have to abide by certain restrictions (especially regarding sending alcohol based perfumes) so I'm not too mad (hey, it was a blind buy after all!)

    but there is no point in keeping it a secret, so if anyone in europe would like the last 3 bottles you can order them here

    you're welcome! :P


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    Yeahhhhh! Thank you for the tio.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    oh wow, i hope some of you jumped on my link when i posted it. the bottles were $89 (not just miel de bois but all serge lutens) and now they're all $124, an increase of 35 bucks!

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    I really like my vintage sample of Miel de Bois, but I'm very reluctant to pay the $290 for the bell jar on the US site, especially if it is a lesser reformulation. I may have to settle for the very inexpensive Lapidus for Men for my manly honey fix. It's quite good at doing that kind of thing, but Miel de Bois is clearly superior (at least the vintage one was). I'll be interested in hearing what others have to say about the current formulation.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    I have a 50ml spray bottle of Miel De Bois - it is one of my favourite Lutens' - a beautiful fragrance that I love to wear. I didn't pick up the pee note for many months, when I found it it didn't put me off, I like it a little bit more :P

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Wore this today for the very first time, I think I picked up my sample when we had the Sample Swap in Las Vegas with all my Basenotes peeps.

    Amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it today. It's sweetness was modulated at the most perfect level (not too light, not too strong), the woods balanced and intermingled with the strong honey note, there was a perfectly harmless musk note humming underneath it all the entire time - I felt comforted, cocooned in accords. The only other honey-prominent scent that has knocked my socks off is that discontinued baby scent that L'Occitane used to sell in the paper cup box (can't remember the name of it now...). Very impressed. I could see owning a decant of this, for sure.
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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    A very nice scent if a bit sweet.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    True indeed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Butthead53 View Post
    If this keeps up, we'll all be wearing tap water.
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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    For something similar-ish try Delivre Moi - it's a beautiful honey scent, without the hugely intense woods of Miel De Bois, still a bit pissy but with some more floral accords - have only gave it a couple brief sniffs so can't say much more than that but it was a very impressive honey.
    My current honey obsession is with M/Mink thought! Oh man it's amazing.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Hello guys!
    Anyone more tried the bell jar version of Miel de Bois?
    If it worth it? Or is it trashed by the reformulation?

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Still good to my nose. A BN buddy sent me samples, vintage and current, a while back to compare.
    The current stock is slightly tamer, a little more 'pale woods', if I recall, but definitely recognisable as Miel de Bois.
    Here's a short review I wrote for my blog a while back:

    'For all the hyperbole that surrounds Muscs Koublaï Khän, I’ve always considered Miel de Bois the true animalic beast in the Lutens stable.
    Despite some minor tweaks to the formala, the perfume remains pleasingly pissy, thanks to a good dose of phenylacetic acid that’s instrumental in creating the honey (miel) smell. Bridging the gap to the woody-amber base is an impressive amount of beta ionone, which adds a dry, orris-like facet with slight florally.'

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Thank you gandhajala!
    Some how I feel a little bit comfortable about it!
    I think that I'll buy a bell jar of it for comparison!
    But I have 6 backup bottles of the old formula.
    Love it every bit of it!

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by etoile View Post
    Thank you gandhajala!
    Some how I feel a little bit comfortable about it!
    I think that I'll buy a bell jar of it for comparison!
    But I have 6 backup bottles of the old formula.
    Love it every bit of it!
    When you get it, write if the juice in the bell jar is the same quality as it used to be, please.
    I remember Miel de Bois as a very interesting perfume, which smelled nice on my skin.
    One can not prove the beauty, but show it. You see it or you don't.

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    Default Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    It's taken a long, long time to come around to this fragrance, but I love it. Unfortunately, my love ( and former hate ) of this juice is based on an old decant of the export juice. I have a decant of the new juice coming, so... we'll see.

    I used to find this fragrance excessively sweet. Subsequently I've grown to love a number of honey-centered fragrances ( Back To Black; Sova; Onda and Rozy; Absolue Pour Le Soir; and M/Mink ) and become more tolerant of the searing level of sweetness that radiates from this scent. What keeps it from being boring is a dry, dusty cedar and iris note that renders it inedible. ( I've generally found that's the saving grace with honey fragrances: they need some inedible element or they become cloying.)

    It's a simple scent all in all, centered around a few exaggerated notes in high relief. I'd say it's closest cousin in the line is Rousse, not so much in smell ( MdB is very much about honey; Rousse is very much about cinnamon ), but in the approach of taking a bold note and softening it with iris and woods.
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