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    Default Cologne Shopping in Australia

    So, i'm from Sydney, Australia and relatively new to this whole scent thing, what little i've bought has been over the net, and more often than not from america. just wondering if anyone from Australia has any hints or secrets for perfume shopping?

    cool stores? websites? tricks of the trade? etc


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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    Use the Fragrances Wanted board. Use trusted/top-rated sellers on ebay. Buy samples from Luckyscent and the Perfume Shoppe (latter offers five samples for CAD $15, which is good value despite the small range).

    When you've worked out what you want to buy, go to and organise a decant. Don't buy decants from The Perfumed Court as they are rip-offs. Samples, sure, but not decants.
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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    Mecca Cosmetica inside Myer in Sydney is a great place to go, they carry lots of great houses, Comme des Garcons, Frederic Malle, Serge Lutens, The Different Company, Etat Libre d'Orange and now Le Labo. Talk to one of the staff there, tell them what kinds of things you like I'm sure they'll find you something new and interesting. The David Jones carries a few brands that Myer/Mecca don't, like Bond no. 9 and Annick Goutal, but unfortunately their staff are pretty bad, so do a bit of quick research beforehand.
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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    welcome araelius
    for designer frags
    sample , sample , sample
    & buy in lots of 4 or 5 from Ebay USA .
    for niche
    as nwatts & Hide & Reason have said
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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    Look here.

    And here.

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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    I would never suggest anyone to buy perfumes from mecca cosmetica. They are very very expensive.
    Just for comparsion

    At myer sydney(CBD) 50 ml of CDG man costs--135 AUD
    when i got the same imported from, i got
    50 ml of CDG man + a candle worth 32 AUD for 100 AUD.

    Likewise you can buy the perfumes from and they are really priced less.

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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    Australia sucks for perfumes and guitars. Just order online, or go to Myers and stuff to sample the frags.
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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    Also for designer goods always try Terry White, Discount Chemist Warehouse / Mychemist and Priceline. Priceline dont seem to be as cheap as they used to be however.
    Fragrancex ship to Australia, takes about a month but if your not too impatient the money saved is worth it!
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    Default Re: Cologne Shopping in Australia

    Visit Mecca Cosmetica's Website, Also Is an amazing site! Stocks Diptyque and L'artisan!

    Also, they can give you free sample vials of L'artisan and NoseGays of Many Others!

    Oh, P.S - "Nosegays" are Cotton Wool Balls Drenched in the Perfume thus encased with a Muslin cloth to keep the
    fragrance active and true!

    Cheers and take care!

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