Well I finally received my after-shave and have done a side-by-side comparison:

EDT- Opens with a beautiful citrus and mint accord. This remains in the background as the pepper begins to develop and some of the florals make a fleeting appearance and then the lovely earthy drydown begins which is complemented by the leathery undertones. The beauty of Derby EDT is the distinct notes which all gradually complement each other as they develop. A truly beautiful fragrance.

After-Shave- As with the EDT, this opens with a citrus note but I don't detect any mint. After this opening note, there is the briefest appearance of pepper and mace before it goes straight to the same drydown asthe EDT (no florals in evidence in the middle notes). As I expected, the fragrance is weaker and has very limited longevity. However, every now and then you get a pleasant earthy and leathery reminder of the fragrance at its best. Still enjoyable but I will continue to treasure my EDT decant.