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    Default McGregor Cologne

    I came across a vintage gift set of McGregor Cologne today. I tried a very very small amount of it and was quite surprised by not only potent it was, but it's similarity to Aramis. The bottle looks almost exactly like Polo Crest (also gone, sadly).

    I'm not sure how long ago Faberge jettisoned this one, but I'm surprised it didn't stick around.

    Anyone else have any opinions on it?

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    Default Re: McGregor Cologne

    Gosh I remember this scent with red tarten.....if I am correct?

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    Default Re: McGregor Cologne

    Quote Originally Posted by scentimus View Post
    Gosh I remember this scent with red tarten.....if I am correct?
    Aye, you are correct sir! The Gift Set for this one includes a pair of socks in that very design!

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    Default Re: McGregor Cologne

    Did they ever spell it as Mac Gregor before going to McGregor?

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    Default Re: McGregor Cologne

    I do remember this one! Although I have not smelled this since middle school, I think you are probably correct about it being similar to Aramis.

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    Default Re: McGregor Cologne

    I wonder if Voit ever made a cologne?

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