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    Default Future Fragrance Predictions

    For a bit of fun I want to give a few predictions on what scents/fragrance houses that will still be around in a hundred years from now and those that will not be.

    1. To start off with Old Spice has already passed the test of time already so its no real stretch to predict that Old Spice will still be with us. But I predict that they will go back to the original stronger formula.

    2. Now Tom Ford fragrances I think people will be saying who's he and all of his range will be dust. Just a memory for old timers even tobacco vanille I am sorry to say. I just cannot see his scents surviving the test of time. R.I.P.

    3. Creed will still be with us but I think the ones that we have today will be discontinued. After a in house revolution in a hundred years I think they will evolve in a new direction and every scent will be unisex.

    4. Fredrick Malle range will be gone I predict that after financial problems the company will just fade away. The scents will be much sought after and become classics.

    5. Guerlain will still be with us but a hundred years from now they will be wearing a new face. And they will have a new modern range of very successful fragrances. They will be a bright light in the new age of Fragrances.

    6. Serge Lutens will be with us but much diminished with a small range of fragrances and I think business will take them in new directions.

    Most of the high street designer scents will be gone only to be replaced with a variation on a theme. I guess thats marketing for

    In my opinion the traditional fragrances from Penhaligons and Trumpers will still be with us but there will be a lot more niche perfumes on th market.

    Anyway I must put down my crystal ball and ask what are your predictions on the future of fragrances?

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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    Heh, I thought you were going to talk about immediate future. I was going to say the next big IT thing in the designer world is going to be incense. Just a hunch.
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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    Oakmoss blackmarket

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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    They will start, just as seen in the related thread, to turn all of our fave frags, also male and unisex ones, which are not available yet in the EDP or extract version, with these two concentrations.

    The first 100 years jubilee of No.5 will be celebrated.

    Other great female frags, which are strictly marketed as female, will have their male and unisex versions.

    Niche frags will be even more famous and greater bestsellers, than they are now.

    The fragrance industry might become a major investment opportunist on the stockmarket, leading to both unexpected wealth to some investors, but also to recession and to speculative panics like the tulip panic from the 17th century.

    Microsoft or other major software companies will openly market, to a wide range of customer (way outside from the fragrance market, not just specialists) "Make your own perfume"-applications.
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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    We'll be flooded by frags concocted by cyborgs.

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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    Fragonard, Galimard, and Molinard fragrances will continue to flourish well into the distant future.

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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    Eau de Groin. The preferred strength for your private parts.

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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    Obama's great grandkids might come out with their own perfume line
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    Default Re: Future Fragrance Predictions

    All natural ingredients will be suspected to cause cancer, congenital malformations and mental disease and they will be banned from use in perfumes. The last one to go will be orange zest oil. This will be banned when someone chokes while eating oranges.
    After synthetics have been produced to represent all kinds of fruit in all their maturity stages, new perfumes will begin to appear containing notes of imaginary fruits and flowers.
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