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    Default Bal Masqué - best fragnance?

    I'm attending a masked ball, in evening dress(black tie). So all males look alike except their facemask.
    (it isn't an Eyes Wide Shut kind of event)
    So, the details will make all the difference to differentiate yourself and let others recognize you again during. Too much dominant sillage won't be much appreciated either.

    My thoughts were on 1) Egoïste platinum 2)Yatagan 3)Antaeus.
    Any other suggestions or thoughts?

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    Default Re: Bal Masqué - best fragnance?

    Cant really comment on others since you dont reveal your wardrobe but 2 and 3 both seem like good choices to me.

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    Default Re: Bal Masqué - best fragnance?

    I'd pass on the Egoiste Platinum...then you'll not only look like every guy, but you'll smell like him too. :P

    I vote for Yatagan.

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    Default Re: Bal Masqué - best fragnance?

    Thanks, always good to have your own choice backup up

    I wasn't aware that wardrobe was not public.
    (It is:
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    Default Re: Bal Masqué - best fragnance?

    Passage d'Enfer or Mechant Loup
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