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    what do you think of wazamba. lucky scent has it as one of its top picks

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    It's one of the few fragrances of this year that I would bother to purchase.Fruity incense! It has a strange characteristic where if the dry down gets moist (by breathing on it) it changes the entire fragrance until it dries down again. Get a sample from Luckyscent to check it out. If I didn't already have several ahead of it on my list, I would have purchased it by now!

    Check out Vibert's review in the fragrance directory. He recommended it to me when I asked about incense fragrances.

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    I liked it after a sample wearing. Incense and myrrh with apple.

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    I had a sample and quite liked it, but I must say it reminded me a lot of Norma Kamali's - Incense, although Wazamba is much more wearable.
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    i went to les sentuers and tried it. i loved it so i bought it. very sweet.

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    Gald it gets more praise
    Someone (robin?) over at nowsmellthis recommended to spray liberally, which did the trick for me.
    Im on an incense spree at the moment and I love that sweet, warm, fruity yet resinous set up.

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    Just curious if anyone who has sniffed this has also sniffed Avon's Mesmerize for Men. It too features incense and myrrh and apple. If anyone has sniffed them both, do they share any similarities?
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    I prefer my incense drier. The sweetness of the apple note was too much for me. If you want apple with your incense, I'd suggest Villoresi's Incensi. I generally enjoy Parfum d'Empire's scents, but this one was one of my biggest disappointments of 2009.

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